Improvement of Large-scale Drying Production Line by Mesh-belt Hot Air Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The working principle of mesh belt dryer is that the drying mesh belt dryer has circulating fan, hot air device, separate or common fresh air intake system and exhaust exhaust system. The operating parameters of drying medium quantity, temperature, humidity and exhaust circulation can be controlled independently, so as to ensure the reliability of the belt dryer and the optimization of operating conditions. 。

mesh belt dryer is flexible in operation, wet material feeding, drying process in a fully sealed box, good working conditions, free of dust leakage, materials are evenly laid on the mesh by the feeder, mesh belt using 12-60 stainless steel wire mesh, with transmission device to drag in the dryer to move.

< p> mesh belt type hot air dryer components: 1. blower. 2. Heat exchanger. 3. Dividing duct. 4. Hot air duct. 5. Hot air hood. 6. Mesh conveyor belt. 7. Receive the exhaust hood. 8. Waste gas pipeline. 9. Exhaust fan and so on constitute our new mesh belt dryer. Application scope of

mesh belt hot air dryer? Hot air drying line new mesh belt dryer can be widely used in chemical industry, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially in the dry and miscellaneous flake, strip and granular materials with good permeability. It can be formed by granulator or extruder and then dried. Coal, dehydrated vegetables, pellet feed, organic pigments, rubber, electronic parts, calcium carbonate, white carbon And so on. Structure of

mesh belt type hot air dryer? The drying mesh belt dryer can be designed as follows:

1, multi-layer mesh belt dryer, multi-layer belt dryer and multi-layer dryer.

2, single-stage, two-stage, multi-stage

3, downstream, countercurrent, mixed-flow,

4, one-way discharge, multiple-cycle

characteristics of mesh belt hot air dryer?

1, easy installation and maintenance (this is very important)

2, easy adjustment of drying parameters, flexible operation, wide adaptability

3, uniform drying of materials, good consistency

4, large processing capacity, wide adjustable range of drying time

Now I have a brief introduction to some problems that we should pay attention to in the ordinary operation of mesh belt type hot air dryer:

3. 1. When entering or leaving the material, it is necessary to close and lock the feeding door before starting the machine, and then take out the material after the machine stops running.

2. Induced air filter is very important, so we should always clean up the induced air filter and keep the induced air normal. Circuit problems must be checked carefully. When using the whole machine, it should be grounded reliably. Its grounding device must conform to the relevant national standards and regulations.

mesh belt hot air dryer to improve the disadvantages of large drying production line, provide a variety of drying equipment selection options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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