Analysis of Solutions for Heat Recovery in Pet Food Drying Production Line

- May 03, 2019 -

Analyzing the heat recovery solution of pet food dryer production line can not only improve the production capacity and production efficiency of pet snacks, but also solve the bottleneck problem that restricts the rapid development of the company due to the shortage of existing production capacity. At the same time, adopting the modern production line of high efficiency and high precision pet food can better meet the high requirements of consumers for pet food.

With the upgrading of consumption at all levels, the pet market is now being infiltrated with moisturizers in a silent manner, which also brings vigorous business opportunities to the pet industry. We know that pet food production needs a lot of equipment, such as the above mentioned processing equipment in the pet food drying production line, including mixer, feeder, expander, conveyor, multi-layer hot air drying equipment, condiment line, shaking screen and so on. Fully automated pet food drying production line not only improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs, but also ensures product quality and safety. For the manufacturers of pet snacks, the drying and dehumidification of pet snacks is a very important process and a very energy-consuming link. Today Xiaobian recommends a pet snack dryer based on heat pump technology to his friends. The system composition of

heat pump pet food dryer is as follows: 1. Heat pump dryer heating dehumidification unit. 2. Insulation box parts. 3. Hot air circulation components. 4. Intelligent control parts. The heat pump dryer produces heat, the hot air circulation component is to make the temperature and air flow uniform in the whole drying room, and the intelligent control system is to make the whole drying process achieve constant temperature and humidity conditions, so that the drying quality is very guaranteed.

drying equipment widely exists in industrial and agricultural production and daily life, usually operated by thermophysical dehumidification method, which requires a large amount of heat energy consumption. During the drying process, hot and humid air is constantly exchanged with the outside world, and the sanitary condition of the drying environment is not easy to control. If the heat pump technology can be used to recover a large amount of latent heat in the evaporated water of drying materials and reuse it repeatedly, the remarkable energy saving effect will be achieved.

analysis pet food dryer production line heat recovery solution, provide a variety of forms of drying equipment selection scheme and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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