A Brief Talk on the Reference Items of Practicality Index of Net-belt Drying Equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

The types of mesh belt drying equipment are various, each drying equipment has its own specific application scope, and each material can find several drying equipment that can meet the basic requirements, but the most suitable one is only one. In case of improper selection, users should not only bear unnecessary one-time procurement costs, but also pay a heavy price in the whole service life.

Therefore, in the selection of mesh belt drying equipment , we should first abide by the principles of applicability, high drying rate, low energy consumption, saving investment, low operating cost and environmental protection. Secondly, the physical and chemical characteristics of drying materials, drying requirements, production conditions and development planning of enterprises should be considered. The physical and chemical properties of materials include morphology, water content, water content, crystalline water, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, heat sensitivity, softening point, phase change point, and fragility of crystals or particles; drying characteristics of materials, drying curve, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content under the proposed drying conditions; effects of commodity value of materials and drying effect on them, such as product moisture, critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content. Pollution, temperature, abrasion, pulverization, crushing, rehydration, etc. Consideration should also be given to the requirements of material recovery rate and the up-and-down sequence of material drying process.

When choosing mesh belt drying equipment in practice, besides the adaptability of the equipment itself, we should also consider the physical characteristics of materials, accessory machinery, auxiliary materials, public hazards and funds (equipment fee, operation fee) comprehensively, and select appropriate accessory devices. Finally, we confirm through experiments. To sum up, the following indicators should be considered in the selection of belt drying equipment.

(1) production capacity, type (intermittent, semi-continuous, continuous)

< 2) initial and terminal moisture content

< 3) particle size distribution

< 4) drying activity and absorption reduction

< 5) working temperature

< 6) explosive (steam/air, dust/gas)

< 7) toxicity (related parts)

8 < drying medium Quality (referring to air, steam, inert medium etc.)

< 9) corrosion status

< 10) physical and chemical data

< 11) physical treatment characteristics

< 12) floor area requirement

< 13) drying energy consumption

< 14) Whether post-processing (cooling, condensation, coating, packaging, etc.)

< 15) is required in a continuous unit in the past. Experiments (generally speaking, it is not applicable to new dryers)

<16) heat recovery requirements (energy consumption)

<17) pretreatment requirements (pelleting, centrifugation, vacuum infiltration)

<18) grinding characteristics of materials

<19) types of media (inert medium, oxygen-poor medium, steam or air)

Brief discussion on the practical index reference items of mesh-belt drying equipment, providing a variety of reference items. Formal drying equipment selection scheme and quotation. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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