The special design technology of raphane dryer has high efficiency

- May 03, 2019 -

The Raphanus dryer complete set of equipment can effectively guarantee the quality of dried materials, the color, appearance and effective ingredients of Raphanus can be properly cared for; no pollution, no waste water, exhaust gas, waste residue discharged during drying process, environmental protection and energy saving; full automatic temperature control is adopted, simple operation, precise control. It can work 24 hours a day without full-time personnel. It has low energy consumption, ensures the drying quality of materials, and greatly reduces the cost of drying, with good economy.

The discrepancy between the new type of non-conforming rapeseed dryer implies not only the discrepancy of function but also the discrepancy of size, which is an important factor affecting the investment process of rapeseed dryer, because the size of the plant affects the pulling out of the plant, and the cost of investment for pulling out of the non-conforming plant is different. Here is to introduce one. Size of the Raspberry Dryer with Lower Air Energy Heat Pump.

< p> Before drying, the preliminary treatment of radish, such as washing, killing, slicing or cutting, cooking, soaking, etc. (The preliminary preparation of non-radish is not appropriate because of its different characteristics.

Raphanus heat pump dryer is a new type of energy-saving drying equipment with high efficiency. Its working principle is that according to the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, a small amount of electric energy is used to operate the compressor to receive a large amount of heat energy in the air. The working substance is evaporated into gaseous state in the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas through the compressor, and then into cold. Condenser exothermic drying medium heating, so that repeated heating. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

Raphanus dryer adopts electric heating mode, you can also choose heat exchanger type Raphanus dryer, special heat exchanger, fuel operability: coal, biomass particles, wood, straw, fuel oil, natural gas, etc. The purpose of drying is to understand the dehydration, according to the action of enzyme, prevent the differentiation of active ingredients, and facilitate the long-term storage of standby. The appearance, odor and content of active ingredients of crude drugs should be kept unchanged as far as possible during drying. According to the climate, equipment conditions and properties of medicinal materials, the appropriate dryer and drying process for medicinal materials were selected.

Influencing factors of drying machine processing of rapeseed: species and characteristics of rapeseed, rapeseed contains roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, skins and so on. The shape, size, thickness, texture, composition and so on all influence the drying process of Raphanus.

Raphanus dryer has a unique design process with high efficiency, providing various types of drying equipment selection options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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