More energy-saving with heat recovery system for Polygonum hydropiper dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Advantages of Polygonum hydropiphyllum dryer : The company produced Polygonum hydropiphyllum dryer, is a new, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient dryer. It has large output, strong dehydration function, strict accordance with the construction process requirements, high degree of automation, long operation life. The main machine of Yihe Hot Polygonum hay dryer is beautiful and excellent. The interior design of Hot Cyclic Air Dryer is hot cycle air. Hot cycle air can play the interior temperature of the dryer, and the air volume and air pressure are different from each other. The secondary waste heat recovery system ensures the drying result of the product. This design can also recover the residual heat of the dryer and operate again, greatly improving the thermal efficiency.

Polygonum hydropiper dryer adopts advanced fresh air pre-dehumidification function to ensure fresh air drying and meet strict drying process. Drying process is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, no combustion and emissions, fully suitable for food hygiene standards, is a sustainable growth of environmental products. The drying speed of Polygonum hydropiper dryer in the drying process determines the quality of the dried product, and the drying speed is related to the drying mode, and is affected by heating mode, heating temperature and temperature, humidity of medium, air velocity, fruit variety and state, etc.

Application scale and combined materials of Polygonum Capsicum dryer: Angelica dahurica, dandelion, astragalus, Scutellaria baicalensis, chrysanthemum, purple flower Ding, Perilla frutescens, cassia seed, Sophora flavescens, Polygonum hodginsii, Radix pistachio, forsythia, cat claw grass, droughter lotus, Peony Peony peel, papaya, Schisandra chinensis, Achyranthes bidentata, ligustrum, hemp seed.

The drying mode, accumulation thickness and arrangement mode of Polygonum capitatum affect the drying speed. It is necessary to control the accumulation thickness of Polygonum capitatum reasonably and increase the heat exchange area and ventilation volume of Polygonum capitatum so as to accelerate the drying speed. In principle, the drying of Polygonum hydropiphyllum requires a single variety, not a variety of Polygonum hydropiphyllum mixed together for drying.

application of dried dracaolus vulgaris dryer: peach, peach, Arisaema, woodlouse, centipede, acanthopanax bark, Schisandra chinensis, Herba Sophia, Prunella vulgaris, Herba Leonuri, scented cortex, Flos Magnoliae, SC., Yuanhua, wild chrysanthemum, Herba Leonuri, Artemisia capillaris, epimedium, Yuzhou Lolium, Fructus fordii, Rosa chinensis, Gleditsia sinensis, Eupatorium adenophorum.

Polygonum hydropiphyllum dryer can make Chinese herbal medicines not drying to an inevitable degree according to the type and operation. The technical level of herbal medicines dryer and the technological content of the city directly affect the drying degree of herbal medicines. Some industry insiders suggest that advanced technology and high quality equipment can effectively make Polygonum hydropiper meet the required water requirements, thus preventing the Polygonum hydropiper from mildewing and delaying the shelf life of traditional Chinese medicine.

Polygonum hydropiper dryer with heat recovery system is more energy-saving, providing a variety of types of drying equipment options and quotations. This article is from the microwave dryer () network.

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