Selection scheme and precautions of Astragalus dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Astragalus dryer adopts electric heating mode, you can also choose heat exchanger Astragalus dryer, special heat exchanger, fuel operability: coal, biomass particles, wood, straw, fuel, natural gas and so on. The purpose of drying is to understand the dehydration, according to the action of enzyme, prevent the differentiation of active ingredients, and facilitate the long-term storage of standby. The appearance, odor and content of active ingredients of crude drugs should be kept unchanged as far as possible during drying. According to the climate, equipment conditions and properties of medicinal materials, the appropriate dryer and drying process for medicinal materials were selected.

Notices in the operation of Astragalus dryer, types of dried medicinal materials, whether cleaning and soaking are needed before drying. The discrepancy between

new type of Astragalus dryers of unfit type implies not only the discrepancy of function but also the discrepancy of size, which is an important factor affecting the investment process of Astragalus dryer, because the size of the plant affects the pulling out of the plant, and the cost of pulling out of unfit plant varies. Here is to introduce the empty space. The size of Astragalus dryer with air-energy heat pump is

Astragalus dryer Characteristic: Astragalus drying adopts PLC touch screen intelligent control to meet the needs of curvilinear drying process of materials. It has many functions such as timely heating, refrigeration, dehumidification, dehumidification, fresh air and so on. Break the technical bottleneck of traditional dehumidifier and ordinary heat pump dehumidifier: solve the technical problem of poor dehumidifier and even idle operation (compressor running without dehydration) of traditional dehumidifier under high temperature and low humidity conditions. The weird drying room hot air cycle system brings heat to every corner of the drying room to raise the temperature of the drying room, and takes away the water evaporated from the material.

Astragalus dryer application scale and combined materials: Angelica dahurica, dandelion, astragalus, Scutellaria baicalensis, chrysanthemum, purple flower Ding, Perilla frutescens, cassia seed, Sophora flavescens, Polygonum capitatum, radish, forsythia, cat claw grass, moist lotus, peony skin, papaya, schisandra, Achyranthes bidentata, privet seed, hemp seed.

Astragalus dryer selection scheme and matters needing attention, provide various types of drying equipment selection scheme and quotation.

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