Dandelion dryer becomes a new standard for herbal medicine growers

- May 03, 2019 -

The dandelion dryer is a new type of air-energy heat pump drying equipment. Compared with the traditional coal-fired wood drying, the dandelion dryer has the advantages of saving electricity, saving energy, environmental protection, intelligence and fast drying color products. Multi-purpose refers to the intelligent temperature and humidity control system of dandelion dryer, which can adjust the temperature and humidity. It is suitable for drying different agricultural and sideline products, such as shepherd's purse, lichen, rainflower, houttuynia, fern, jasmine, rose, honeysuckle, peony, dendrobium, mulberry, lantern pepper, sword flower, nut, cured taste, seafood, traditional Chinese medicine, hanging noodles, persimmon cake, tea, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, etc. Lentinus edodes, Cordyceps sinensis, dried vegetables, curd bamboo, star anise, etc. The advantages of

dandelion dryer :

1, super-high energy-saving: the vegetable lotus dryer adopts heat recovery technology, and the hot air circulation inside the system reduces heat loss. According to the humidity of the baking room, the energy-saving efficiency is more than 70% compared with the electric heating system, which greatly reduces the operation cost.

2, low carbon emission reduction: vegetable Hibiscus dryer drying process using clean energy, environmental protection and pollution-free, no waste water, waste gas and residue emissions. It conforms to the national environmental protection policy.

3, automatic control: integrated control system, man-machine interface, automatic control without personnel on duty.

4, 24-hour work: full-time work, without manual duty, reduce labor and labor intensity.

5. Vegetable Hibiscus has good quality: it is dry, petals are distinct, bright color, no dark black or brown, no curling edge or only a small amount of curling edge, and no obvious shrinkage, toughness and fragrance.

p>6. Durable: Vegetable Hibiscus dryer has long service life, low operation cost and good economy.

7, multi-function: setting different drying modes, can be used to dry roses, honeysuckle, peony, mulberry, golden flower, jasmine, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, wild vegetable hibiscus, summer withered grass, dendrobium, water lily, yellow shrub and other materials; food drying such as rice flour, rotten bamboo, mushroom, dried fish, dried meat, fruit, etc. Such as cherry, apple slices, longan, litchi and so on.

With the application of air-energy heat pump drying and drying technology more and more widely, heat pump, as a new energy-saving, efficient, intelligent, safe and environmental protection technology, not only guarantees the drying quality of materials, but also largely solves the problems of low drying efficiency, high cost and non-environmental protection. It really achieves energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, zero pollution, energy saving and labor saving. The traditional sun drying is affected by the weather, which takes a long time and is not sanitary; the traditional wood-burning and coal-burning drying makes the quality of the drying difficult to control and not environmentally friendly; the traditional steam drying is not energy-saving, unsafe, time-consuming and labor-consuming; and various traditional drying methods are increasingly unable to meet the existing needs.

Dandelion dryer is composed of dehumidifier, drying room, hot air circulation system, intelligent temperature and humidity PLC control device, dehumidification and drainage system. According to different output, different power mainframe and drying room specifications are customized. 3P dryer is suitable for drying room about 15 cubic meters in size, with an average power consumption of about 3 degrees per hour; 6P dryer is suitable for about 25 vertical sizes. The square meter drying room is used with an average power consumption of about 6 degrees per hour, while the 10P dryer is suitable for the drying room of about 40 cubic meters in size, with an average power consumption of about 12 degrees per hour.

Dandelion dryer has become a new standard for herbal medicine growers. This paper is based on microwave dryer ().

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