Microwave nickel hydroxide dryer launches new engine for continuous production

- May 03, 2019 -

When microwave nickel hydroxide drying equipment operates and dries, microwave energy directly acts on medium molecule and converts into heat energy. Because microwave has penetrating property, it can heat both inside and outside of medium simultaneously without heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast. At the same time, regardless of any shape of object, because both inside and outside of medium are heated simultaneously, the temperature difference between inside and outside of material is small and the heating is uniform. It will not produce endogenous coke in conventional heating, which greatly improves the drying quality.

p>strong>microwave nickel hydroxide drying equipment is a new, efficient and environmentally friendly drying equipment for nickel hydroxide batteries. Nickel hydroxide is used as raw material for making nickel salt, alkaline storage battery, electroplating, catalyst. Used for alkali battery, nickel plating, etc. Used for making nickel salt, alkaline battery, nickel plating, etc. Microwave drying is a new drying technology because of its fast drying speed and environmental protection characteristics. Microwave energy is usually obtained by DC or 50Hz AC through a special device. Nickel hydroxide is a traditional chemical powder, which is used to produce nickel salts, alkaline batteries, nickel plating and so on. Its melting point is 230 C, which is relatively low. In the drying process of nickel hydroxide, because of its low melting point, the temperature can not be too high, which will affect its quality and output. Compared with traditional hot air drying, microwave nickel hydroxide dryer has the following advantages:

1, uniform and fast, which is the main characteristics of microwave drying. Because microwave has great penetration ability, heat can be generated directly in the medium when heated. The drying temperature decreases and the yield is 100%. Microwave heating is related to the nature of the substance itself. In the microwave field of a certain frequency, moisture absorbs much more heat than other materials; at the same time, because microwave heating is carried out at the same time inside and outside the surface, internal moisture can be heated quickly and evaporated directly.

3, high thermal efficiency and sensitive reaction. Because the heat directly comes from the inside of the drying material, the heat loss in the surrounding medium is very little. In addition, the microwave heating chamber itself does not absorb heat and does not absorb microwave. All the heat is emitted to the material, so the thermal efficiency is high.

Microwave nickel hydroxide dryer has launched a new engine for continuous production. This paper is based on the microwave dryer () network.

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