The marginality of activated clay dryer determines the demand of non-standard customization

- May 03, 2019 -

The production of activated clay dryer should first satisfy the requirement of producing products with competitive quality, then save investment, low operation and maintenance costs of drying machinery, high labor productivity, and take into account labor conditions and environmental protection. In short, the cost of production is low. Activated clay after solid-liquid separation has a moisture content of 30-45%. It has a strong stickiness. If the structure of the dryer is not suitable, it is not only difficult to dry, but also easy to produce 100 mm distributed aggregates after entering Activated clay dryer . If the temperature of the dryer is too high, the crystalline water of montmorillonite in the product will fall too much, the activity will be seriously reduced; if the temperature is too low, the free water will be difficult to remove, the product will not be easy to retain, and the activity will also be reduced. In general, the moisture content of activated clay after drying can be controlled below 10%. In recent years, the use of activated clay is more and more extensive, and the market has emerged brilliant momentum of progress. Activated clay industry is not big, but also marginal in the world. Therefore, unlike cement and metallurgical industry, there is no special drying equipment and production process is not standardized. A lot of stereotyping equipment in the market is not suitable. Many activated clay factories can only maintain production because of the inefficiency of production equipment, the high operating cost of drying equipment and the quality of products. As a result, new active clay production enterprises are forced to seek professional manufacturers of drying equipment with high efficiency and advanced technology. Activated clay can be widely used in petroleum catalysis and decolorization of mineral oil and vegetable oil. It is made of high-grade bentonite products through activation treatment such as sulfuric acid, rinsing, solid-liquid separation, drying, grinding and other processes. It is the main quality parameters: activity, decolorization rate, free acid content and so on. The marginality of activated clay dryer determines the demand for non-standard customization. This paper is based on microwave .

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