Current Situation Analysis and Solution of Edible Fungus Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

The analysis of drying status of edible fungus dryer and the drying solution of air-energy environmental protection and energy-saving edible fungus dryer

1. Electric heating oven is widely used in large factories, which consumes a lot of electricity and costs a lot.

2, high electric heating temperature, uneven heating, prone to deformation and delamination degumming. In severe cases, it can cause burning or fire.

3, short life of heating device, frequent maintenance and replacement.

4. Steam drying is used in some factories. The temperature is not well controlled, which leads to quality problems in product drying.

5. Natural drying or air drying are often used in small-scale factories. The production cycle is long, the efficiency is low, the weather has a great impact, can not be continuous production, labor intensity is large, drying quality is difficult to control. The drying scheme of

air energy conservation edible fungus dryer :

1, automatic control. When we use it, we only need to turn on the machine. Full touch screen controls temperature and humidity with high accuracy. Effectively avoid the phenomenon of drying or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reduce labor intensity and operation cost. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and does not need to be guarded day and night.

p>2.Energy saving and environmental protection. The use of edible fungi dryer for drying operation, in the whole process is not polluted, which greatly ensures the sanitation of edible fungi, and this kind of edible fungi dryer is more energy-saving than the traditional dryer. When drying the same output, this kind of edible fungi dryer is more time-saving, energy-saving and safe than the traditional drying equipment. Stable.

3, good drying quality. Because edible fungi in addition to their own nutritional value, its color, aroma, taste and shape are also dependent on the use of dryers. Compared with the traditional drying equipment, the edible fungi dryer can effectively protect the edible fungi in the process of drying. And in terms of health, it also meets the international health safety standards.

4, high stability: long service life and low maintenance cost: developed on the basis of traditional air-conditioning technology, the technology is mature, stable, reliable and long service life;

Introduction of edible mushroom drying technology: In recent years, the company has made a lot of cases of Lentinus edodes, it is known that the drying process of Lentinus edodes can be divided into:

1.Picking and shipping. It is necessary to harvest the spores when they are eight ripe and not open. The spores have not yet been released. They have strong fragrance and good quality after drying. No water spraying is allowed before harvesting, and they are put in the bamboo basket after harvesting.

2. Spread out the air and cut the handle. Fresh mushrooms should be spread on the bamboo curtain in the ventilated and dry field in time after harvest to accelerate the evaporation of water on the surface of mushrooms. After air-spreading, according to market requirements, it is generally treated by three ways: non-cutting handle, half-cutting handle and full-cutting handle, while removing debris such as sawdust and broken mushrooms.

3. Classification, installation and baking. It is required to be harvested and baked on the same day. The fresh mushrooms were sorted and graded according to size, thickness and flower shape. The handle of mushrooms was evenly discharged upward into the upper curtain, and the lower layer discharged slightly worse in quality. In order to prevent the mushroom cell metabolism from intensifying, the mushroom cover expanding, the color turning white and the quality decreasing during the baking process, the empty mushroom machine can be warmed to 38-40 degrees Celsius before the fresh mushroom enters the machine, and then the mushroom can be placed on the shelf.

4. Master the temperature. The moisture content of mushrooms after harvest is as high as 90%. At this time, mushrooms should not be dried at high temperature. Start-up operation requirements: while igniting and heating up, start exhaust fan, so that the heat source is evenly input into the drying room. When the temperature rises to 35-38 C, the curtain of fresh mushroom is placed in the drying room layer by layer to promote the contraction of mushroom body, increase the curling degree and the thickness of mushroom meat, and improve the quality of mushroom. Temperature control in drying room: keep 38-40 C in 1-4 hours, 40-45 C in 4-8 hours, 45-50 C in 8-12 hours, 50-53 C in 12-16 hours, 55 C in 17 hours and 60 C in 18 hours to drying.

5. Pay attention to dehumidification and ventilation. With the evaporation of water in the mushroom body, poor ventilation in the drying room will cause the humidity to rise, resulting in gray brown color and quality decline. Operational requirements: Open all the dehumidification windows in the first to eighth hours, keep about 50% ventilation volume in the eighth to twelfth hours and 30% ventilation volume in the tenth to fifteenth hours. After the sixteenth hour, the mushroom body is basically dry and the dehumidification window can be closed. When pressing the mushroom cover with nail top to feel hard and slightly fingernail traces, turning and whispering, it shows that the mushroom is dry enough to leave the room, cool, pack and store.

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