Fruit Drying Equipment Derives New Economic Income Road for Fruit Farmers

- May 03, 2019 -

Fruit drying equipment operates multi-layer cycle of hot air to dehydrate and dry vegetables and fruits. The hot air temperature can be adjusted between 36 and 39 degrees Celsius. Two drying methods, heating drying and ventilation drying, are adopted simultaneously to strengthen the reasonable adjustment of the hot air ventilation rate, circulate in the multi-layer drying section, drying layer by layer, enriching the hot air, drying and dewatering fire speed, and running efficiently. Vegetables or fruits and other materials are evenly laid on the web by the feeder, dragged by the transmission device to the drying heating section, and through several uniform heat and mass cyclic exchanges, the material completes the whole drying and dehydration process in the drying section. The finished products after drying are continuously transported out for packaging or entering the next process. If conditions permit, spraying device can be equipped when fruit drying equipment dries, so that the wood can reach the end of hot steaming. The moisture of wood can be discharged periodically from inside to outside. After drying, the wood will not show deformation, internal cracking, end cracking and other phenomena. Fruit drying equipment Wood drying is the work of speed but not speed, so the heating should not be too fast, otherwise the environment of wood cracking will appear. Also, we should pay attention to the stacking of wood, pay attention to uniform heating, and also take into account the purpose of the wind flow target, so that the hot air can flow smoothly from the stacked wood. Fruit drying equipment mainly operates the hot air stove to produce pure hot air, the temperature of hot air is controlled at 100 degrees, and two drying and dewatering methods, heating drying and ventilation drying, are adopted simultaneously. The reasonable adjustment of hot air ventilation rate is strengthened. The multi-layer drying oven turns over and dries layer by layer, enriching the operation of hot air, drying and dewatering fire speed, and efficient operation. Fusion practitioner of microwave + heat pump + hot air + solar energy saving, drying promotion of microwave composite heat pump, comprehensive application of solar energy heat pump, microwave hot air composite drying system, multi-layer continuous drying equipment, mesh belt tunnel drying equipment. At this moment, the operation scale of fruit drying equipment has slowly expanded, of course, not only this, but also the dryer industry has achieved rapid growth, of course, there are also some because of its simple operation, how simple, let's understand it together. Fruit drying equipment can increase the hot air recovery system, recycle the exhausted hot air, speed up the air flow in the drying room, speed up the drying time, so as to improve the thermal operation. Operation of fruit drying equipment can be dried to any required final moisture content, not limited by natural conditions; has a mature drying theory and technology, can ensure the quality of drying; compared with air-drying, drying cycle is short, production efficiency is high, occupies a small area; equipment is not too complex, long operation life, safe and reliable, good economic situation. Fruit drying equipment derives a new way of economic income for fruit growers. This paper is based on microwave .

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