Intelligent operation of tea drying equipment can produce good tea

- May 03, 2019 -

The strong advantages of tea drying equipment are as follows: 1. Using built-in high temperature resistant recirculating fan can greatly reduce heat loss. 2. The box is equipped with adjustable air equalizer, so that the temperature of the upper and lower parts of the box is uniform. 3. The whole cabinet adopts full blockade structure, which is energy-saving and efficient. Customer purchase and sale of tea drying equipment is only the beginning of contacts, but also the beginning of the work of the after-sales department. In the whole stage of the use of machinery by customers, all our after-sales staff are attentive, meticulous, enthusiastic and timely, so that customers can easily and carelessly use the equipment, and truly experience the convenience brought to customers. And the value of creation. Drying is an important process in the process of tea drying equipment. There are three forms: drying, frying and drying. Processing process of tea dryer: fresh leaves & rarr; spreading & rarr; killing Green & rarr; rolling & rarr; shaping pot frying & rarr; drying. Tea tastes bitter, sweet and cool. The traditional drying methods have many shortcomings, such as high energy consumption, high labor intensity, difficult to guarantee the quality affected by weather and so on. tea drying equipment environmental protection and energy saving, green and pollution-free, intelligent control and labor saving, quality of supply products, 24-hour operation without external environmental impact, etc. It has become an ideal choice for tea drying equipment. Choose. Fusion practitioner of microwave + heat pump + hot air + solar energy saving, drying promotion of microwave composite heat pump, comprehensive application of solar energy heat pump, microwave hot air composite drying system, multi-layer continuous drying equipment, mesh belt tunnel drying equipment.

Intelligent operation of tea drying equipment can produce good tea. The source of this paper is microwave network .

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