Mint leaf dryer based on heat pump technology is environmentally friendly and energy-saving

- May 03, 2019 -

The mint leaf dryer belongs to the energy-saving heat pump dryer, which can be heated by compressed air (the adjustable temperature in the drying room is 8-75 C, the adjustable humidity is 5%-95%) without burning coal, firewood, charcoal, boiler or steam. Only a small amount of electric energy is needed to drive the compressor to obtain the required high temperature. The Mint dryer is safe, sanitary, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-exhaust emissions, ultra-low operating electricity costs, no staff on duty when fully automated operation is required. It is an energy-saving and environmental protection drying solution. Mint leaf dryer (Weixin No. 13653710637) is essentially a high temperature heat pump dryer. The whole system consists of dryer, fan system, drying room and control system. The dryer adopts air energy technology, and the outlet air temperature can reach 75 degrees. Fan remember to operate high temperature and humidity special convection fan. Here we have many lessons. Because the whole process of peppermint drying often needs to last 12-15 hours at 50-60 degrees Celsius, the ordinary fan without special design is very easy to fail in this condition. The control system of peppermint dryer is realized by a humidity sensor and temperature sensor built in the drying room. When the set drying temperature condition is reached, the control circuit is fed back, and then the opening and heating of the dryer or the suspension of temperature control are controlled. Temperature control can be achieved in 10 segments, the setting is very concise. Compared with the traditional earthen stove, the mint leaf dryer with heat pump technology is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and QS certification has no problem. The electric stove consumes more electricity. For example, the heat output value of 10K electric heating furnace is no more than 8-9KW, while that of heat pump type Mint dryer can be as high as 35KW. In order to ensure the drying result of mint, the mint leaf dryer and its drying room are matched. The design principle is that the temperature rise time of the drying room is less than half an hour and the maximum temperature of the drying room is not less than 75 degrees Celsius. Where 3P dryer with 15 cubic meters of drying room, 6p dryer with 25 cubic meters of drying room, 10p dryer with 40 cubic meters of drying room as the criterion, drying room operation of polyurethane sheets to ensure its excellent insulation. If you operate a brick house directly, you need to stick insulation panels (extruded panels, asbestos panels or benzene panels) on the interior walls. In China, menthol is mainly produced in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. The medication department is the whole grass or leaf of mint, a plant of Labiatae. This paper briefly introduces the mint dryer which is needed to produce Mint dried products. I hope it can be helpful to the cooperative partners who need it. The advantages of heat pump type mint leaf dryer are as follows: 1. Easy installation: easy installation and removal, occupying less space, and can be installed indoors and outdoors; 2. High efficiency and energy saving: only a small amount of energy is consumed, it can receive a large amount of heat in the air, and the power consumption is only 1/4 of that of electric heater; Compared with coal-fired, oil-fired and gas-fired dryers, it can save 60% swing. The running cost of cloth. One kilowatt-hour is equal to four kilowatt-hour. 3. Environmental protection and pollution-free: No combustion and emissions, is a sustainable growth of environmental products. 4. Safety of operation: The whole system is a semi-blocked drying system with absolute safety, without the dangers of flammability, explosion, poisoning and short circuit that may exist in traditional dryers (fuel, gas or electric heating). 5. Long operating life and low maintenance cost: it is based on the traditional air conditioning technology, and has the same function, reliable, long operating life; safe operation, automatic manual operation, intelligent control. 6. Comfortable and convenient, high automation and intellectualization: using automatic constant temperature device, 24 hours continuous drying homework. 7. It can be widely used in high temperature hot water and drying equipment, such as food, agricultural by-products, marine products, paper products, wood, leather, chemical and pharmaceutical products. Mint dryer is essentially a high temperature heat pump dryer. This dryer is based on air energy technology, so the energy efficiency ratio is very high, and it is very energy-saving. The system focus parts of mint dryer include heat pump dryer, drying room, drying fan, control system, etc. Mint dryer is a very relaxed drying system. The dried products have good appearance, good color, green environment protection, no coal burning, no pollution. Nowadays, many large agricultural cooperatives use this heat pump dryer to bake Chinese herbs, including liquorice, schisandra, gastrodia, pueraria, Huaishan, mulberry, Coptis chinensis, wolfberry, rehmannia, ginseng and so on. Pharmaceutical and agricultural products. Through the operation of mint leaf dryer , the production time of mint drying was greatly reduced. At the same time, the air energy mint dryer. The operation cost is low. Take three machines as an example, only three kilowatt-hours are needed. Ordinary farmers can take over. Because it has the advantage of running cost, and in the drying process, the mechanical automatic control of temperature and humidity does not need to send someone to watch, so the cost of nursing manpower is greatly reduced.

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