Microwave soybean ripening equipment is widely used in cereals

- May 03, 2019 -

microwave soybean ripening equipment & mdash; & mdash; energy conversion efficiency is high, heating speed is fast. The microwave oven itself does not burn, but the microwave energy penetrates the material, making the polar molecules in the material friction with each other and generate internal heat. The liquid inside the processed material is instantaneously heated, vaporized, pressurized and expanded, and the macromolecule in the component is made by the expansion force of the gas. Microwave soybean ripening equipment strength manufacturers are responsible for equipment design, production, installation, commissioning and technology; lifelong maintenance, lifelong technical services. The size of soybean ripening equipment can be customized according to the output. The company can provide the prototype for technological test and receive new and old partners to come for cooperation. Applicability of microwave soybean ripening equipment : This equipment is mainly used for the drying, sterilization and insecticidal of walnut, black sesame, soybean, mung bean, corn, wheat skin, pine nut, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, peanut, jujube, lotus seed and chestnut cereals; drying and sterilization of jujube slices, jujube, whole jujube and crisp jube; mountain wild vegetable drying and sterilization; pepper finished products, flowers, sunflower, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chestnut and cereals. The drying and sterilization of flowers, the drying and sterilization of dehydrated vegetables, the drying and sterilization of edible fungi and insecticides, the drying and sterilization of traditional Chinese medicines and other foods are widely operated in many food enterprises nowadays. Soybean microwave baking and puffing equipment is a new puffing technology, which operates microwave energy to quickly microwave heating, so that the moisture in soybean can quickly receive microwave and vaporize in a short time, so as to achieve its puffing. It has the advantages of fast heating speed and short heating time. Compared with extrusion and fried puffing, it is not easy to cause some unnecessary chemical reactions of soybean, and does not increase soybean. The oil retains the original flavor of soybean. Microwave low-temperature roasting equipment is mainly used for walnut, black sesame, soybean, mung bean, maize, wheat skin, pine nut, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, peanut, jujube, lotus and chestnut and other grain miscellaneous grain roasting, ripening, insecticidal; jujube, jujube drying, whole jujube, crisp jujube drying, sterilization; pepper products, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine drying, sterilization and other food processing. Microwave grain baking equipment features: 1, heating, baking, sterilization fast and uniform; 2, low-temperature sterilization, sterilization thoroughly, to meet the requirements of food hygiene; 3, drying, drying, sterilization, a multi-purpose machine, energy-saving and efficient, more than 30% energy-saving than far-infrared equipment; 4, safe and sanitary, pollution-free; easy to operate, easy to control, occupy a small area.

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