The price cost of longan dryer is solved by specific configuration.

- May 03, 2019 -

Whether it is the host, drying room, circulating fan of laurel dryer price or other large and small accessories, such as electronic expansion valve, evaporator, compressor, etc., all strive for excellence, take every part seriously and meticulously to ensure that the equipment purchased by customers is a high-grade product. In addition, it is also related to whether a large-scale equipment can be uninterrupted daily operation, whether it can achieve the life of the manufacturer. At this point, we can fully promise to achieve, every spare parts are carefully selected from us, because the quality of spare parts determines the price cost of Longyan dryer, the specific configuration of equipment is as follows.

1, compressor

adopts the world three-flower product flexible scroll compressor, which has the functions of not easy to wear, long service life, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, strong resistance to liquid shock, high and low pressure protection, etc. The pressure relief valve is installed in the body of the grain wheel compressor, which can automatically relieve pressure to the low pressure end when the high pressure is too high.

p>2, evaporator

p>longan dryer adopts hydrophilic film aluminum foil, even after long-term use of hydrophilic layer, it will not produce oxidative detachment. This kind of evaporator has a special advantage. Its water-skiing performance is superior. It can reduce wind resistance and use high-quality aluminium foil structure to greatly improve the efficiency of the evaporator.

3, control panel

adopts PLC intelligent control panel, which integrates functions of drying, dehumidification, refrigeration and fresh air, 10 different stages of temperature and humidity control and timetable, fault code display function, easy to find, automatic protection function.

4, electronic expansion valve

air energy laurel dryer price imported new technology from Japan, cooperated with the company's excellent control system, developed electronic expansion valve control mode, using digital technology to control the working fluid to achieve a more rapid effect, thereby improving the COP value.

Laurel dryer price drying operation, with hot air circulation+heat transfer+dehumidification closed loop as the drying mode, combined with three-stage dehumidification technology and three-stage heat recovery device, and using air energy and a small amount of electric energy to run the main engine, using PLC controllable programming to achieve precise temperature and humidity control of materials, so that Laurel can dehumidify in a suitable temperature and humidity environment. Except. The whole process of heat pump longan dryer does not need manual duty, manual agitation, as long as the parameters are set, automatic and intelligent drying can be realized. And it will not release any harmful substances, low energy consumption, high efficiency operation, environmental protection and health, green health, fully meet the food hygiene and safety standards.

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