Process Control of Seed Drying Equipment Determines Qualification Rate

- May 03, 2019 -

Seeds must be dried before they are preserved. If the seeds have too much water, they will germinate mildew. Such seeds can not grow crops. However, if the temperature is not well controlled during the drying process, the cell structure of the seeds will be destroyed and the seeds will not germinate. School head provides you with professional < strong> seed drying equipment , which uses heat pump to dry, temperature can be controlled below 50 C, will not destroy the seed structure, high efficiency, fast heating, simple operation, can be processed in large quantities. The water content of

< p> seeds is mainly affected by temperature and relative humidity of air, which changes with the process of adsorption and desorption. Under the condition of low temperature and humidity, the dry seeds will absorb moisture and regain moisture, which is called adsorption. Under the conditions of higher temperature and lower humidity, the moisture in the wet seeds will gradually dissipate outward, which is called desorption. When the adsorption process was dominant, the seed moisture increased, and when the desorption process was dominant, the seed moisture decreased. When the temperature and humidity conditions in the environment remain unchanged, after a considerable period of time, the seed water is basically stable. At this time, the moisture is called the equilibrium moisture under the temperature and humidity conditions. What are the factors affecting seed drying in seed drying equipment ? Under the condition of constant temperature, the relative humidity in the drying environment determines the drying speed and precipitation of seeds. If the relative humidity of air is small, the drying speed and precipitation of seeds with a certain moisture content will be large; otherwise, it will be small. At the same time, the relative humidity of air also determines the final moisture content after drying.

2, temperature

drying environment temperature is high, on the one hand, it can reduce the relative temperature of air, on the other hand, it can make the seed moisture evaporate rapidly. Therefore, we should try our best to avoid drying seeds at low temperature. In the process of drying seeds, flowing air must be used to evaporate the moisture on the surface of seeds.

4. The physiological state of the seeds themselves

The newly harvested seeds have high moisture content and strong metabolism. The drying process should be slow, or two dryings should be carried out at low temperature and then at high temperature. Hot air drying, because of large batches of specialized seed production, natural drying is sometimes affected by climatic conditions. Natural air drying is not suitable for large-scale seed production. At this time, seed dryer is needed to dry seeds at low temperature. The working principle of

seed drying equipment is that under certain conditions, increasing air temperature can change the balance relationship between seed moisture and air relative humidity. Different types of seeds and different regions adopt different heating machinery and drying room layout. But we should pay attention to the following points when using this method to dry seeds: never put the seeds directly on the heater to roast; strictly control the seed temperature; when the seeds are dried, the loss of water should not be too much at one time; if the moisture content of the seeds is too high, the method of multiple interval drying can be used; after drying, the seeds need to be cooled to room temperature before entering the warehouse.

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