Hot air temperature of pepper drying equipment determines the color quality

- May 03, 2019 -

The traditional method of pepper drying is to concentrate on drying or to dry in a cool and dry place. It takes a long time, usually 6-10 days, and during this period, it is easy to suffer from mildew and other problems if it encounters cloudy and rainy weather. At present, manual baking method is mostly used, which can be dried by soil baking room or pepper drying equipment . Artificially baked Zanthoxylum bungeanum has good color and can preserve various flavor substances of Zanthoxylum bungeanum.

pepper drying equipment processing specific methods are: after pepper harvesting, first concentrated drying for half a day to one day, then loading and sieving screen into the oven to bake, loading and sieving thickness of 3-4 cm. At the beginning of the baking, the temperature of the oven should be controlled at 50-60 C. After 2-2.5 hours, the temperature should be raised to about 80 C. Then the pepper should be baked for 8-10 hours, when the moisture content of the pepper is less than 10%. In the process of baking, attention should be paid to dehumidification and sieving. At the beginning of baking, the time interval between dehumidification and sieving can be prolonged with the decrease of water content of Zanthoxylum bungeanum. After pepper is dried, the pepper is taken out together with the drying screen, and the impurities such as seeds, branches and leaves are screened out. The finished product is packed in bags according to the standard. The packed pepper should be stored in a cool and dry place. Processing of

pepper powder, take the clean pepper after drying, put it in the frying pan, stir-fry it in a gentle fire, stir-fry it continuously while stirring; or stir-fry it in a scrambler at 120-130 ~C for 6-10 minutes, take out the natural cooling to room temperature, crush it with a crusher to 80-100 meshes, and pack it in a plastic film composite bag quantitatively, seal the mouth of pepper powder.

Intelligent pepper drying equipment makes the dried pepper bright in color and pure in taste. Now let us focus on Henan microwave interpretation of the advantages of intelligent pepper dryer equipment?

Advantage 1: Precision temperature control is very important for drying equipment, while traditional drying equipment has slow temperature rise and is not easy to control. Intelligent pepper dryer equipment, whether it is temperature control, humidity control, wind speed control and so on, can be easily debugged on the control panel. Drying pepper is fast and efficient, and users are more distracted.

Advantage 2: Safe and reliable traditional pepper dryer equipment, if the temperature is too high, pepper will be destroyed, but our intelligent pepper dryer equipment is equipped with temperature control system, if in the process of pepper drying, the computer board runs out of control, this temperature control protector can protect the dryer from damage, but also reduce the loss of users, very safe. Fully reliable;

Advantage 3: Save artificial intelligence pepper dryer equipment only need one person to operate, do not need to be on duty as the traditional dryer, this intelligent equipment will automatically feed, automatic discharge, automatic heating and cooling and dehumidification. It's very painstaking.

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