Garlic slices drying equipment and garlic farmers greet the harvest season together

- May 03, 2019 -

Overview of garlic products: At room temperature, the storage period of garlic is generally only 5-6 months, and the quality of garlic is deteriorated after the period of garlic germination and shrinkage. By modern technology, garlic is processed into dry products, which can not only retain the original flavor and nutritional ingredients, but also soften the unique flavor of garlic before eating and prolong the storage time. At present, garlic dried products are mainly used in the production of life condiments and health products. Dry garlic products can be divided into dehydrated garlic slices, garlic powder and garlic granules.

The working principle of garlic slice drying equipment : The garlic slice drying equipment consists of feeder, drying box, heat exchanger and dehumidifying fan. The new garlic slice drying equipment is different from traditional oven and drying room. It adopts multi-layer mesh belt structure and can be used in large-scale continuous automatic production. Usually electric heating is adopted, the medium is environmentally friendly and clean; conveyor belt is made of stainless steel mesh belt, which can resist high temperature and corrosion; flow drying, temperature can reach 90 degrees, automatic temperature control device, large amount of drying, good drying effect, no color change after drying. When garlic slice drying equipment is working, the cold air is heated by heat exchanger, and the hot air is circulated through the dried material on the bed to exchange heat and mass in a scientific and reasonable way. The hot air in each unit of the body is circulated by the circulating fan, and finally the low temperature and high humidity air is discharged to complete the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently. The advantages of garlic slice drying equipment are


1.The drying area, air pressure, air volume and drying temperature can be adjusted to meet the characteristics of garlic and

quality requirements;

2.One machine is versatile, widely used and adaptable, and can meet the drying needs of seasonal vegetables and slices, such as roots, stems, leaves, etc. It is a large number of vegetable drying enterprises. Continuous production of the preferred new drying equipment;

3. Garlic slice drying equipment can maximize the retention of garlic nutritional ingredients and color, drying product color, taste, appearance is superior to traditional drying and oven drying room.

p>strong>garlic slice drying equipment scope of application
: garlic slice drying equipment is a special equipment developed on the basis of traditional mesh belt dryer, which has strong pertinence, practicability, energy efficiency and is widely applicable to the dehydration and drying of various regional and seasonal vegetables. In addition to drying garlic, beans, cucumbers, celery, green peppers, garlic sprouts, radishes, ginger, green knife beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, bamboo shoots, yellow cauliflower and other vegetables, garlic slices dryer is also suitable for seaweed, laver, dried fish, shrimp rice, squid, fish slices, sea cucumber, abalone and seafood drying, as well as yam, lily, chrysanthemum, Salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng and so on. Chinese medicinal materials are dried.

p>strong>garlic slice drying equipment price : How much is garlic slice drying equipment? Several factors affecting the price of garlic slice drying equipment are as follows:

1. Different types of equipment are allocated according to different needs of production: garlic slice drying equipment is 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters and other models (also divided into single-layer mesh belt, multi-layer mesh belt, etc.).

2. The material requirements are different: there are baking paint material, spray paint material and so on; there are differences between ordinary metal material and stainless steel mesh belt, plate and strip material, etc.

3. The choice of heat source is different: electricity, natural gas, coal, diesel, wood, biomass particles and so on

4. The price of single set and multiple sets of orders will also be different.

With industrial microwave equipment as the core, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the whole drying equipment production line, which covers not only agricultural and sideline food microwave drying equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical hot air drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, microwave high temperature muffle oven, electric oven, heat pump drying room, as well as supporting cleaning production line, conveying machinery and other industrial automation production line equipment. Domestic and foreign trade goes to all regions of the country and to the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Libya, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

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