Detailed Sharing of Hot Pepper Dryer from Investigation to Type Selection

- May 03, 2019 -

With the increasing production of pepper, ordinary air drying can not meet the current demand. So the emergence of pepper dryer has greatly improved this problem, so what skills do we have in choosing a pepper dryer? Today, let's have a chat.

When we buy chili dryer, the price must be our first consideration. We should not be greedy for cheapness when purchasing chili dryer, so as not to be deceived. When choosing pepper dryer , we should also consider our own output and future scale of development, and purchase pepper dryer with matching output. If the output is small, you can choose oven or oven to dry. If the output is large, you can choose large mesh-belt pepper dryer. The output is bigger and the efficiency is higher. The quality of dryer made of different materials will also vary greatly. The machine made of ordinary steel is totally different from that made of stainless steel. The difference of material also affects the final drying effect of pepper. Stainless steel material is more heat preservation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, of course, the price will be higher than ordinary materials.

Chili pepper dryer generally supports a variety of heat sources, such as coal, electricity, gas, oil, biomass particles and so on. Because the resources in different places are different, the way of choosing heat source will be different. In some places, coal is allowed to be burned, so coal can be chosen as a heat source; in some places, the strict environmental inspection does not allow coal-fired stoves, so only electricity or gas can be used. The choice of heat source mode should be consulted by the manufacturer at the beginning. Choosing a good Hot Pepper drying equipment has a direct bearing on the manufacturer chosen from the beginning, because the quality of the large manufacturer and the quality of the machine are guaranteed. There are also the credibility of manufacturers, customer feedback, customer site, and mature drying solutions, are the necessary conditions for choosing a good pepper dryer. Of course, responsible pepper dryer manufacturers also need to have perfect after-sales service, so as to ensure that the machine problems can be solved in time. It's better to go to the manufacturer for on-the-spot investigation and make a final decision after detailed understanding.

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