Sea cucumber dryer to solve fishermen's safety production work is the focus

- May 03, 2019 -

There are many ways of drying sea cucumbers. The most primitive way is to dry them. It usually takes 10 days to get high quality sea cucumbers. If the weather is bad, the time will be longer. The water content of

sea cucumber is very high, generally above 90%, while that of dried sea cucumber is generally 3%. So more than 30 jin of wet sea cucumber can get 1 kg of dried sea cucumber. This makes sea cucumbers particularly expensive. In order to increase the output of sea cucumber after drying, some businesses adopt the technology of soaking and drying with sugar or salt. The output can be doubled, but the quality and nutrition of sea cucumber after drying will be greatly reduced. The nutritive value of

sea cucumber dryer sea cucumber is very high, but the drying is very important. The traditional drying process can provide better nutrition, but there are certain deviations in color and quality. The most important thing is to rely on the weather. If the weather is bad, the drying efficiency will be greatly reduced. Therefore, sea cucumber dryer plays an important role in the drying process of sea cucumber.

Generally speaking, salted dried sea cucumber has less than 10% nutrient content, but its output will double. Even if the price is reduced a little, the seller can get a higher profit. Sugar-dried sea cucumbers are dark and have beautiful parameters and a sweet taste. The advantage is beautiful, but the disadvantage is more obvious. Sugar-dried sea cucumber is relatively humid and can not be stored for a long time. At the same time, its rising rate and taste are not as good as light-dried sea cucumber, and adding sugar is not conducive to the consumption of diabetic patients. There is also a hot-air oven type sea cucumber dryer . Hot-air oven is a traditional drying technology. Through the continuous blowing of hot air, water is gradually taken away from the outside to the inside of sea cucumber. Generally speaking, a drying cycle is about 2-3 days. This is a relatively economical drying method, the drying cycle is not long, the drying effect is good, the most important thing is that the equipment is cheap and easy to start.

Finally, the high-end drying process, hot air+microwave dual-process sea cucumber dryer. Microwave can directly act on the interior of the material, through the role of polar molecules to generate heat from the interior, drying from the interior of sea cucumber, while hot air is the exterior drying, while controlling the temperature and humidity inside the equipment to ensure a perfect drying shape. The advantages of microwave + hot air are quick drying, high output, good quality after drying and no loss of nutrients, but the cost of equipment is high, which is suitable for enterprises with high product requirements.

You can also consult the sea cucumber dryer manufacturer project manager. They will recommend the appropriate price and cost of sea cucumber dryer to you according to the relevant requirements of production technology on your side. It is really important to select the appropriate sea cucumber drying equipment. On the one hand, the quality and stability of the equipment and the operational strength of the manufacturer should be considered to ensure sales. After the maintenance of timeliness, and you are most concerned about the use of drying equipment to deal with the quality and quality of materials, which determines the economic benefits of drying materials.

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