Interpretation of Intelligent Advantage of Pepper Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Intelligent pepper dryer equipment makes the dried pepper bright in color and pure in taste. Let's focus on Henan microwave for you to understand the advantages of intelligent pepper dryer equipment. The drying capacity of pepper drying equipment is different, the heat source used is different, the material of equipment is different, the drying technology is different, and the price will be very different.

p>1. The most traditional flat-bed drying: using coal as heat source for drying. This method is seriously polluted, and requires manual staying beside the coal, feeding and discharging all the manpower. The price is relatively cheap, the purchase cost is low, the color of drying products is poor, the opening rate is low, the evaporation rate of essential oil is high, the labor cost is high, and the price is about tens of thousands. In recent years, the requirement of environmental protection has become more and more stringent, which can not be used in many places. Smart flat-bed drying: using natural gas, liquefied gas and air energy heat pump as heat source (energy saving and environmental protection), intelligent temperature control and humidity control, without manpower duty, open automatic feeding and discharging, saving manpower, saving feeding and discharging time. When discharged from the gap, the heat loss is large, the heating of the upper, middle and lower layers is uneven, and the loss of essential oil in the lower and middle layers is serious in turn. Prices vary from 20,000 to 90,000 (different sizes and models have different prices).

3, fully automatic intelligent dryer with handle: can use natural gas, air energy, oil / diesel, methanol and other heat sources; use closed cycle system, linear temperature control technology with humidity, close to natural drying. Zanthoxylum bungeanum is discharged in the form of small molecule water, so it does not discharge moisture or less, reduces heat loss, saves operating costs and controls volatilization of essential oil. The humidity of the drying system is always controlled within the set range under the condition of constant internal temperature to ensure the consistency of the dry quality to the greatest extent. Advantages are automatic feeding and discharging, non-landing production line, greatly saving labor costs; strong compatibility, can dry a variety of materials; fast drying, large shipment, good drying quality, low drying cost; prices ranging from 20 to 1 million (size models), suitable for positioning higher enterprises, cooperatives.

4. Fully automatic intelligent drier with branches can use natural gas, air energy, oil/wood, methanol and other heat sources. The greatest advantages are drying with branches, saving a lot of picking costs and prolonging the fresh-keeping time of Zanthoxylum bungeanum by picking with branches; using small air supply and large circulation technology, energy consumption is greatly reduced and drying cost is greatly reduced; using dynamic variable speed drying technology, drying cycle is shortened to the greatest extent, and the consistency of dry quality is ensured; using humidity temperature control technology to eliminate relying on temperature to change humidity zone. Because of the ineffective work, the influence of high temperature on the color and shape of fruit and other shortcomings; the zonal temperature control technology is adopted, because the temperature and humidity required for different drying time of pepper are different, zonal temperature control and humidity control makes the design of temperature and humidity in different time periods more scientific and reasonable to achieve the best drying conditions. Essential oil volatilization is less, color and freshness preservation is good, opening rate is high, and energy consumption is saved. Branches can also be used as heat source to burn into ash and make fertilizer to return to the field, which greatly reduces the cost of drying. It also avoids the waste caused by the unclean picking of Chinese prickly ash in tree technology. The disadvantage is that the equipment requirements are relatively large and the transportation costs are relatively high. According to the amount of drying, the price varies from 200,000 to more than 1 million, which is suitable for large cooperatives and processing enterprises.

5, small household pepper dryer : There are natural gas and liquefied gas as heat sources, but also air and electricity as heat sources. It is small in size, easy to use and cheap in price. Applicable to the general individual household, can bake 200-300 kg of pepper at a time, the price is about thousands of yuan.

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