Processing technology of flavor snail meat dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Before the snail meat dryer is put into operation, fishermen and production line manufacturers need to understand the scientific harvesting methods of snail meat, the related processing methods of snail meat, and then the specific drying scheme of snail meat drying equipment. Snail jelly meat is not only delicious, but also contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, calcium, carotene and so on. It is a good food for supplementing calcium. It has broad prospects for developing small packaged convenience food.

1. Raw materials and main processing equipment

Purchase fresh snails, salt, sucrose and other accessories as well as cooking bags. The main processing equipments are DE&mdash, 400/2C vacuum packaging machine, YXQG02 electric steam sterilizing pot, HHBll, 420 & mdash, s electric heating constant temperature drying box. <

<2, processing process and operating points

< rarrarrarrarr > oral rarr; sterilization & rarr→ sterilization & rarr→ packaging; finished product Operating Points:

1. The snails of standard size were selected as raw materials for raw material treatment to remove dead snails, shell snails and other impurities. Screened snails were kept in clear water for 2-3 days to spit out all the sediment. During starvation, a small amount of salt and vegetable oil can be added to the temporary water body to promote sand spitting.

2. Boil the water first, then add the snail which accounts for 10% of the water. Keep it for 10-15 minutes, then take it out and let it cool by itself.

< p> 3. Meat harvesting is done artificially or mechanically to shell and exfoliate snails. The snail meat was then salted with a small amount of salt to remove the fishy smell and mucus. Then rinse the salted snail meat with clean water and let it drain until no water drops.

< p> 4. Prepare perfume before soaking, and add other accessories. The dried snail meat was immersed in the condiment, and the temperature of the condiment was maintained at 50-mdash; 60 C, and the soaking time was 2-mdash; 3 h. Remove the snail meat from the condiment and let it drain until no condiment drops.

5. The snail meat is dried in 50-mdash and dried in 60 C constant temperature heat pump dryer.

6. Seal the screw according to certain quality, and seal it with vacuum packer. The vacuum degree is 0.07 MPa.

7.Sterilize the bagged snail meat in a vacuum sterilizing pot. The sterilizing formula is 15-rsquo; & mdash; & 45-rsquo; & mdash; & 15-rsquo; / 115 ~C.

8. Insulation test was carried out on sterilized snail meat. Insulation time was 37 C/2 weeks. Check for bags and harmful


9. Packaging of finished products after passing the inspection.

3. The effect of soaking method on seasoning effect

The experiment showed that 50-mdash and 60 ~C medium temperature soaking method were suitable for seasoning.

Fourth, heat pump drying equipment - snail meat dryer time determination

drying temperature control at 50— 60 C. When the temperature is low, the drying time is long, the microorganism is easy to breed, the efficiency is low, and the production is not allowed; when the temperature is high, the fragrance is easy to volatilize, the oil rancidity and Maillard reaction will intensify, and the browning phenomenon is serious, and the drying is uneven. Practice shows that the snail meat is dried in an electrothermal constant temperature drying box at a set temperature of 60 C for 70-mdash; 75 minutes, when the moisture content of the snail meat is less than 58%, the product is dry and the appearance is ideal.

You can also consult the snail meat dryer manufacturer project manager. They will recommend the appropriate price and cost of snail meat dryer to you according to the relevant requirements of the production process on your side, and select the appropriate snail meat drying equipment. The input-output ratio is really important. On the one hand, the quality stability of the equipment and the operating strength of the manufacturer should be considered when choosing the drying equipment. Guarantee the timeliness of after-sales maintenance, and you are most concerned about the use of drying equipment to deal with the quality and quality of materials, which determines the economic benefits of drying materials.

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