Drying Processing Flow of Marine Dragon Fish Drying and Drying Machine

- May 03, 2019 -

Before using Longli fish drying machine , fishermen and production line manufacturers need to know the scientific harvesting method of dried fish, the related processing method of dried fish, and then the specific drying scheme of dried fish drying equipment.

< p> (1) dried Longli. Dragonfish is also called cattle tongue, sole fish and sole fish, and its scientific name is semi-slippery tongue. The quality of raw and dried fish products is the best. Fried food after watering tastes delicious. The processing methods are as follows:

Classified cleaning: Fresh Dragonfish were classified according to size, and the mucus and dirt on the fish body were washed separately.

2. Salting: Salt in the layer of dragon livid (tail fin 500 g or more) with 15% salt; Salt in the small (tail weight 250-500 g) with 10% salt; Salting time 3-4 days.

3. Peel and remove the dirt: rinse the salted fish with fresh water and turn it over at any time until the back skin and muscle are loose, then peel off the back skin, remove the viscera, wash the fish body and visceral dirt, and drain the water.

< p> 4 Out of the sun: on the back of a clean site, put it up for drying. When it is 6-70% dry, collect the stacking and diffuse the moisture. After 2-3 days, put it back to dry completely.

You can also consult the project manager of fish dryer manufacturer. They will recommend the appropriate price and cost of fish dryer to you according to the relevant requirements of production technology on your side. It is really important to select the appropriate fish drying equipment. On the one hand, the quality and stability of the equipment should be considered, and the manufacturer's operational strength should be guaranteed to sell. After the maintenance of timeliness, and you are most concerned about the use of drying equipment to deal with the quality and quality of materials, which determines the economic benefits of drying materials.

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