It is very important to prepare the mushroom dryer before it is put into operation.

- May 03, 2019 -

Before using Lentinus edodes dryer , mushroom farmers and manufacturers need to know the method of mushroom harvesting, the processing method of mushroom, and then the drying scheme of mushroom drying equipment. The scientific harvesting methods of Lentinus edodes were as follows: (1) harvesting time. It is better to collect mushrooms in sunny days because the mushrooms collected in sunny days have little water and good color. The mushrooms collected in rainy days have large water content and are difficult to dry, and the baking color is easy to turn black and the processing quality is difficult to guarantee. For indoor bags, it is better not to spray water directly on the bacteria before harvesting. (/ P >

(2) Harvesting methods. In winter, the temperature is low, the mushroom grows slowly, and the mushroom meat is thick and fragrant. In spring and autumn, mushrooms grow at higher temperatures with large, thin meat and long stalks. The standard of mushroom harvesting is to harvest mushroom in time when the mushroom umbrella is not fully opened and the edge of the mushroom cap is slightly rolled in. If harvesting is too early, the yield will decrease; if harvesting is too late, the quality will be poor. It is better to harvest while ripening, harvesting large and retaining small, and processing in time. When picking mushrooms, use thumb and food to control the base of mushroom stalk, rotate left and right, and gently twist it down. Do not touch the surrounding mushrooms, mushroom feet should not be left in the mushroom, in order to prevent rot infection of pests and diseases, affect the future mushroom production. After harvesting, it is necessary to handle lightly and carefully, so as to prevent crushing damage, so as not to affect the quality. Scientific Processing Method of Lentinus edodes:

After harvesting, the mushroom should be harvested on the same day, processed and dried on the same day, so as to avoid its blackening, deterioration and decay. The Lentinus edodes dryer mainly carries on the drying processing, after the drying, the fragrance is more intense, both domestic and export. Processing and drying methods generally include sun drying and baking drying.

(1) Solar drying method. The dried mushroom is most convenient and easy to be dried by sunlight, and the content of vitamin D in dried mushroom is higher. The method is to spread the mushrooms collected on the sunny barnyard or cement floor in time. When drying, first cover the mushroom up, handle down, one by one open, after half drying, handle up, cover down, until more than 90% dry is appropriate. If the weather is cloudy and rainy, add fire to dry.

(2) Baking and drying method. Lentinus edodes should be packed in small baskets, not too much, so as not to squeeze, and should be baked on the same day. The general practice is: put the harvested mushrooms on the roasting screen and send them to the drying room. At the beginning, the temperature should not exceed 40 C. After that, the temperature should be increased by 5 C every 3 to 4 hours, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 65 C. The drying room should have exhaust facilities, while baking exhaust, otherwise the mushroom folds will become black and affect the quality. After 80% drying, take out the stall and air it for several hours, then bake it again for 3 - 4 hours until the moisture content is below 13%. In this way, the dried mushrooms will be dry, with good color and fragrance. The dried Lentinus edodes should be graded in time, sealed and packed quickly after grading, and stored in a dry and cool place.

Lentinus edodes dryer plays an indispensable and crucial role in the drying process. Lentinus edodes, as a delicious dish on the table, is usually dried on the day of picking for long-term storage. In the drying process, reasonable drying process and clean energy can ensure the shape, color and fragrance of Lentinus edodes to achieve a better state.

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