Four Key Points to be Controlled in Seafood Squid/Cuttlefish Drying Equipment

- May 03, 2019 -

The following points need to be controlled are very important and practical for the use of seafood squid/cuttlefish drying equipment . Control of water content

: squid and cuttlefish have relatively high water content, about 75-80%. During the whole drying process, they need to evaporate about 60% of the original body weight, and most of the aquatic products belong to heat-sensitive materials. At present, heat pump drying is widely used in domestic aquatic industry and heat-sensitive materials processing technology. Temperature, humidity and drying mode can be precisely controlled by intelligent control system. According to different heat sensitive materials, the best drying mode, temperature, humidity and air volume can be selected to maintain the original color, fragrance and shape of materials. Control of

Temperature: Drying generally requires a relatively low temperature, the temperature setting is about 35 - 45 C. To avoid excessive drying temperature, denaturation of protein, rapid growth of bacteria, destroy the quality of drying. At the same time, avoid rapid drying, resulting in squid surface crust, but not conducive to the internal water migration to the surface, forming a false drying. Therefore, squid dryer cuttlefish dryer drying speed should not be too fast, the temperature is set at 40 around the low temperature node, in the closed insulation room using negative pressure fan to improve the internal circulation of air and wind speed, uniform slow drying. Control of

< p> wind speed: Squid can fully contact with the air under the condition of maintaining a larger circulating air volume and a higher wind speed. The evaporated water vapor from squid can be removed under the action of circulating air, and then the water vapor can be condensed and filtered out to the outside of the room through the unit.

Humidity control: Because squid cuttlefish not only has a large amount of water, but also water exists in fat and grease, dehydration is more difficult than other kinds of materials, and controlling its dehydration speed and dehydration amount is one of the important factors to determine the quality of squid drying. The control of dehydration speed and dehydration amount is particularly important to maintain the color of seafood after drying. Squid cuttlefish drying to avoid water vapor on the surface of squid, wet discharge is not smooth, and lead to bacterial breeding.

You can also consult the dryer manufacturer project manager. They will recommend the appropriate dryer price cost according to the relevant requirements of the production process on your side, and select the appropriate drying equipment . The input-output ratio is really important. On the one hand, the selection of drying equipment should consider the quality and stability of the equipment, as well as the operation of the manufacturer. Strength guarantees timely after-sales maintenance, and you are most concerned about the use of drying equipment to deal with the quality and quality of materials, which determines the economic benefits of dry materials.

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