The application of the whole heat pump system of crayfish dryer has achieved remarkable results.

- May 03, 2019 -

Small lobster dryer (air-energy heat pump dryer) & mdash; & mdash; is a new energy-saving heat pump drying equipment under the policy of coal-to-electricity conversion. Traditional drying equipment has some shortcomings in drying more or less. For example, the drying cycle is long, the color is not uniform, the energy consumption is large, and the drying quality is not guaranteed. To meet the needs and requirements of the market, we solemnly recommend to you a new drying equipment: air-energy heat pump dryer. Principle of

Crayfish Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer: Through the work of the compressor, the heat transfer working medium in the pipeline absorbs the heat in the external environment, then releases the heat to the drying room through the heat exchange device, and dries continuously through the hot air circulation system. The structure of

crayfish air-energy heat pump dryer :

1, heat pump heating unit.

2. Insulation box device.

3. Hot air circulation device.

4. Automatic dehumidifier.

5. Intelligent control device. Advantages of

p>crayfish air-energy heat pump dryer:

p>1. It can effectively guarantee the quality of dried materials.

2. Temperature distribution in drying process is uniform, and temperature and humidity can be controlled automatically.

3. Safety and reliability. There is no danger of harm to people in the drying process.

4. The energy consumption of drying process is low and the operation cost is effectively reduced.

5, versatility (multi-purpose machine), reduce investment costs, and improve the utilization rate and effective utilization of equipment. Solution of air-energy heat pump dryer for crayfish:

1. Heat pump is used to dry the product, which can reduce energy consumption and operation cost effectively.

2. The drying process is well ventilated and uniformly heated.

p>3. Controlling the relevant parameters of product drying can effectively solve the problems in drying process.

4. The drying process is safe and reliable. There is no overheating or burning danger in the drying process.

5, temperature and humidity automatic control, high accuracy. Effectively avoid the phenomenon of drying or excessive drying caused by manual operation, reduce labor intensity and reduce operating costs.

You can also consult the crayfish dryer manufacturer project manager. They will recommend the appropriate crayfish dryer price cost to you according to the relevant requirements of the production process on your side. Choosing the appropriate crayfish drying equipment, input-output ratio is really important. On the one hand, choosing the drying equipment should consider the quality and stability of the equipment, and on the other hand, choosing the drying equipment. The business strength of the manufacturer guarantees the timeliness of after-sales maintenance, and the quality and quality of the materials that you are most concerned about using drying equipment, which determines the economic benefits of drying materials.

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