Talking about the Three Black Technological Advantages of Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

In the era of quality of life, many food consumables need to be dried to be better eaten, such as yellow cauliflower, seafood, sausage, bamboo shoots, agaric and so on. The market demand is large, and the demand for drying is also rising. Therefore, the traditional air-drying and sun-drying can no longer meet the needs of production and development, so air-energy heat pump dryer with its three special advantages, opened the drying equipment market, replacing coal-fired heat source swept the country.

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traditional drying schemes are mainly electric heating or burning natural gas. Whether it is pure electric heating or gas equipment, the energy efficiency ratio of heating is below 1.0. This means that a large amount of energy needs to be consumed in order to generate enough heat to meet the needs of drying. As a result, heating costs have increased and overall expenditure has increased. Moreover, the long-term high temperature operation of traditional drying equipment in the use process may reduce the service life of the equipment and increase the maintenance cost by one grade.

Taking air energy equipment frequently used everywhere as an example, the thermal energy efficiency of air energy drying mechanism is as high as 4.0 COP, which consumes 1 kW of power and can transport (transfer) 4 kW of heat energy from the air. The heating efficiency is four times as high as that of the electrothermal equipment, which saves 75% energy than that of the electrothermal equipment. As a whole, the heating cost is only 1/2 to 1/3 of the electric heating equipment, which can reduce the cost and increase the income.

Air-energy heat pump dryer has fast speed

traditional drying equipment, basically has no self-dehumidification function, which greatly reduces the drying efficiency. If additional ventilation and dehumidification are needed, a large amount of heat loss may occur, which indirectly reduces the drying efficiency and prolongs the drying cycle of food and medicinal materials.

Air-energy heat pump dryer, which absorbs heat from the air, can continuously generate hot air, which can be flowed into the drying room, raise the temperature and evaporate the moisture in the food. The drying room effectively guarantees the recovery of heat, so that the drying efficiency can go up to a higher level. Some air-energy dryers also have built-in electronic chips. As long as the relevant humidity, temperature, heating time and other parameters are set, the air-energy equipment will automatically start to operate without the long-term care of workers.

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because the traditional drying equipment needs to burn natural gas in the heating process, there are certain security risks. In addition, if coal combustion is used for heating, the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other polluting gases is unavoidable in the heating process, which will cause air pollution and affect the quality of food.

Air-energy heat pump dryer consumes only electricity and air energy, does not consume fossil fuels, zero harmful gas emissions, and has obvious environmental protection advantages. Secondly, there is no open fire in the operation of the air-energy heat pump, and the circuit is effectively separated from the water flow, eliminating the danger of explosion and electric shock, and improving the safety of drying.

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