Fish and shrimp air-energy heat pump dryer to meet the need of prohibiting coal combustion

- May 03, 2019 -

Dried fish, shrimp and shrimp Air-energy heat pump dryer Introduction: It consists of air-energy drying main engine, drying room, fan system, control system and other core components. Heat pump drying machine is a kind of air-energy heat pump drying equipment. This equipment is an energy lifting device. It absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and transfers it to the heated object by using inverse Kano principle. Polyurethane sheet is used in the construction of shrimp drying room. The fan system should use a professional high temperature and humidity resistant fan. The control system strictly controls temperature and humidity, and uses each unit. The quality of dried shrimp remains stable in batches, and it can also dry sea fish, seashells, sea cucumbers, freshwater fish and other meat products of different sizes and shapes.

The poor color of fish and shrimp drying is not the problem of shrimp, but the failure to select the fish and shrimp air energy heat pump dryer . Delicious fish and shrimp is a gift of nature, is a real nutritious food, and fish and shrimp into delicious and storage-resistant dried fish, dried shrimp highlights the wisdom of mankind. & With the arrival of the age of food, orders from manufacturers of fish and shrimp drying equipment with good taste are coming in. Few people are interested in the poor quality of the appearance. No matter the size of dried fish, shrimp and shrimp, as long as they have a good taste and are clean and hygienic, there are businessmen rushing to get the goods & rdquo; Henan air-energy heat pump dryer customer return visit process said.

Shrimp Drying Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer is an automated equipment. The drying process is controlled by a computer. Users can select or set intelligent drying temperature and humidity parameters of different varieties or sizes of fresh shrimp through a simple one-button operation, and drying step by step. Clean drying room space, greatly improved the quality of dried shrimp, and thus enhance the sales of products.

air-energy heat pump dryer has specialty. The air-energy shrimp drying equipment has low energy consumption, high efficiency, green environment protection, and can work 24 hours and all-weather. There are many modes to choose the parameters of drying temperature and humidity for shrimp. The dried shrimp has clean appearance, natural color, light yellow, reddish and luster, rich meat, curved shrimp body, and unique natural freshness. Fragrance is recognized as the preferred drying equipment for fish and shrimp in the seafood industry.

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