Beef jerky dryer is available in microwave, heat pump and hot air.

- May 03, 2019 -

The beef jerky dryer is an efficient, energy-saving, stable, reliable, simple equipment, easy operation and new technology equipment. It has the advantages of short processing cycle, good product quality, low temperature drying and sterilization, preservation of nutrients, etc. It improves efficiency, saves electricity, and obtains obvious economic and social benefits. Microwave drying and sterilization technology is successful in the drying and sterilization of beef jerky. The equipment can also be used in the drying and sterilization of dried pork, preserved chicken and other food industries, such as pastry ripening and sterilization, melon seeds roasting, cereal, soybean flour processing and so on.

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1, high efficiency, energy saving and uniform heating. Microwave has penetrability, it can penetrate into the inside of beef jerky to heat at the same time inside and outside, and only the heated beef jerky absorbs microwave energy, so it has high electric heating efficiency, uniform heating and low heat loss. Compared with conventional electrothermal drying, it can generally save 1/3-1/2 of electricity.

2. Low temperature sterilization effect is good. Microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect have double sterilization effect. Compared with conventional methods, it has the characteristics of low temperature and fast speed. It can keep the original color, fragrance and taste of food without destroying the nutrient components, and has the effect of puffing, and the product has a good taste.

3, convenient and timely control, production is not affected by climatic conditions, microwave equipment is ready to use, there is no thermal inertia, the size of microwave power, transmission speed can be continuously smoothly adjusted, can be continuously produced for 24 hours.

4. There is no thermal radiation when microwave equipment is heated, which can improve the working conditions. Microwave leakage is in line with national standards. The equipment has compact structure and small floor area.

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