Deer Antler Drying Equipment Enjoys the Technical Achievements of Heat Pump Drying

- May 03, 2019 -

The deer antler dryer is composed of heat pump dryer heating dehumidification unit, thermal insulation box parts, hot air recycling parts, intelligent control parts, etc. The heat pump dryer produces heat. The antler is placed in the drying room in layers. There is plentiful space between the layer and the layer. Don't put it too close to operate ventilation and dehumidification. Hot air recycling component is to make the temperature and air flow uniform in the whole drying room, and intelligent control system is to make the whole drying process to achieve a steady and humid conditions, so that the drying quality of velvet antler is very guaranteed.

antler drying equipment, antler dryer, high-quality antler drying equipment oven, green environmental protection energy-saving drying equipment, professional supply of high-quality Chinese medicinal materials processing and production equipment, using PLC touch screen intelligent temperature and humidity controller to control the temperature and humidity of the oven, simple operation should be the best choice for processing Chinese medicinal materials. Drying of pilose antler medicinal materials is to keep them for a long time without crushing their medicinal ingredients. By drying, the necessary water is removed and the concentration of soluble substances is increased to the extent that microorganisms are difficult to operate. In the drying process, the drying speed decides the quality, and the drying speed is related to the drying mode, and is affected by heating mode, heating temperature and temperature, humidity of medium, air velocity, medicinal material varieties, state and other factors. With the continuous expansion of industrial production scale, traditional drying methods with high drying efficiency and cost are increasingly unable to meet the existing needs. Heat pump is a new and energy-saving technology. Chinese herbal decoction pieces are traditional Chinese medicines which can be directly used in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine by processing according to the theory and method of traditional Chinese medicine. This concept expresses that there is no absolute gap between Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal decoction pieces. Chinese herbal decoction pieces include Chinese herbal slices (including segments, blocks, valves) processed by the Department of origin, original herbal decoction pieces and processed herbal slices processed by the Department of origin.

pilose antler dryer control system, efficient and energy-saving pilose antler dryer drying process, how to use PLC programmable control method to dry pilose antler, not only has drying function, but also refrigeration function and heating function, to achieve low temperature processing and greenhouse heating and other functions, drying process does not need special person to abide by, materials will automatically stop after drying, a key setting, to achieve intelligence. Turn around. Energy saving and environmental protection, function unchanged, easy operation can meet the drying of different materials.

Introduction of drying equipment for pilose antler Chinese medicinal materials--The dryer used for drying Chinese medicinal materials is air energy high temperature heat pump dryer, which is a new type of energy-saving dryer. Its working principle is to use a small amount of electric energy, operate compressor, evaporate the working substance into gaseous state in the evaporator through expansion valve, and receive a large amount of heat energy in the air, gaseous state. The working substance is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas by the compressor, then it is heated by the condenser, and the drying medium is heated, so that the drying medium can be heated to 40 ~85 C by repeated heating. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves 35% - 40% of the power.

heat pump deer antler dryer is a gentle drying method, close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of general moisture is close to the migration rate of internal moisture to general situation, which makes the dried articles of good quality, glossy and high product grade. The aromatic volatile substances obtained by ordinary drying method have little retention, low vitamin retention with poor heat resistance and large color change. Deer antler heat pump dryer can better connect the original luster, flavor and nutrients of seaweed.

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