Hot pepper drying equipment is coming into the harvest season

- May 03, 2019 -

In the second half of the year, when the harvest season comes, pepper dryer is taking office, the pepper dryer replaces the traditional way of drying pepper, improves the situation of heavy manual work, improves the quality of pepper, and makes the same yield of pepper sell at a higher price. And for the market of pepper dryer, how to select the type. Can we effectively improve the quality of pepper drying? According to the current domestic situation, pepper dryer can be divided into coal boiler dryer, natural gas boiler dryer, biomass particle dryer, electric wire dryer, air energy heat pump dryer and solar energy dryer according to the form of energy. Over the past two years,

, the state has intensified its efforts to improve environmental protection, directly affecting the use of coal boilers. Bulk coal sales have been banned in most parts of the country. With the state's ban on coal, the price and supply of natural gas and biomass particles have been directly affected. According to the data of 17 years'relevant customers, the price of natural gas has tripled. The increase in demand for industrial natural gas has directly soared the price of natural gas; electric heating dryers, relative to those not affected by the coal ban, but a large number of hot pepper drying, the demand for electricity is very large, the profit margin of processed hot pepper is very small; and recently, the State encourages the promotion of air-energy heat pumps, the energy consumption of primary electricity can reach 3-5 degrees of electric heating effect. Very energy-saving, can improve the quality of pepper while improving the profit margin of pepper. And the last kind of solar dryer, dyeing and energy-saving degree is relatively high, but the cost is very high, the general enterprise can not afford. Therefore, when choosing pepper dryer , it is suggested to choose air-energy heat pump dryer. For large amount of drying customers, mesh belt type continuous pepper dryer can be selected.

Choosing air-energy heat pump chili dryer can not only improve the drying quality of chili pepper, but also increase the profit space of chili pepper.

Air-energy heat pumppepper dryer can not only be used as pepper dryer, but also be applied to other materials, such as gelatin dryer, scallion dryer, balsam pear dryer, rotten bamboo dryer, chrysanthemum dryer, apple dryer, sea cucumber dryer, kiwifruit dryer, medicine dryer, fruit dryer, preserved fruit dryer. Blueberry dryer, mulberry dryer, lemon dryer and other drying equipment use, the same effect is good.

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