Silicon wafer drying equipment with microwave drying production line put into production in batches

- May 03, 2019 -

Environmental protection silicon wafer drying equipment technical characteristics: realizing non-pollution and uniform drying of materials, while significantly reducing drying temperature; drying speed is usually increased by several times, production efficiency is greatly improved; drying energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%; achieving safe and clean production.

equipment adopts tunnel structure, pipeline production, full automation, simple operation, flexible control, saving labor, and low requirement for manual technology, which is the first choice for modern enterprises to purchase equipment. Silicon wafer microwave drying equipment concept Silicon wafer drying equipment is mainly used for drying and baking of silicon wafer and polycrystalline silicon after cleaning.

silicon wafer drying equipment process system characteristics, this series of silicon wafer drying equipment is mainly used for the processing of drying and baking of silicon wafer and polycrystalline silicon after cleaning. This series of drying equipment adopts digital display temperature regulator for temperature control, temperature control is sensitive, easy to operate, reliable performance, digital direct display of working temperature, intuitive and easy to read.

This series of drying equipment adopts continuous pipeline conveyor belt drying mode, which has fast drying speed. The drying temperature can be increased to 135-150 C in 3 minutes, and the drying temperature of materials can be selected arbitrarily between 80 and 250 C. It can automatically cut off power supply, improve efficiency, save energy and protect equipment and products. The equipment has no contact between material and metal, improves the traditional drying environment and improves product quality.

The advantages of silicon wafer drying equipment, the structure of silicon wafer tunnel drying equipment cabinet: perfect design, the cabinet is processed by NC machine tools, easy to operate. The inner liner is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate and the outer shell is made of all stainless steel, which is more bright and beautiful. The side of the circuit system is opened by door, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

silicon wafer drying equipment control execution system: temperature controller uses touch keys, digital LED display, PID intelligent control instrument; uses the large infrared temperature measurement technology of the United States, temperature accuracy-plusmn; 2 C. Silicon wafer drying equipment protection system: The whole machine protection system consists of overtemperature protection and alarm device. It ensures the integrity of the executing components and test pieces. The high degree of automation of equipment, saving labor and improving production efficiency are indispensable good assistants in production.

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