Conveyor manufacturers share the use of belt corrugated sideband structure

- May 03, 2019 -

conveyor manufacturer sharing belt conveyor corrugated sideband usage corrugated sideband conveyor belt can be designed as a complete conveyor system according to the requirements of the use environment, avoiding discontinuous conveying and complex conveying lifting system. The corrugated conveyor belt can convey all kinds of bulk materials along the horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable angle directions, from coal, ore, sand to fertilizer and grain, etc. The particle size of the material is unlimited, and it can be from very small particle size to 400 mm large particle size. The conveyor can be transported from 1 m3/h to 6 000 m3/h.

corrugated conveyor belt is widely used in port, metallurgy, mining, power, coal, foundry, building materials, grain, fertilizer and other fields to transport materials, which can make all kinds of bulk materials to 0-90-deg; continuous conveying at arbitrary inclination; with the characteristics of large conveying angle, wide use, small area, no transfer point, reducing civil investment, low maintenance costs, large conveying capacity, etc. The conveying angle that can not be reached by common conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt is solved.

1) The structure of the base belt of the conveyor manufacturer: the base belt is composed of four parts: the upper covering rubber, the lower covering rubber, the core of the belt and the transverse rigid layer. The thickness of upper covering glue is generally 3-6 mm, while that of lower covering glue is 1.5-4.5 mm. Cored material bears tension. The material can be cotton canvas (CC), nylon canvas (NN), polyester canvas (EP) or steel cord (ST). In order to increase the transverse rigidity of the baseband, special strengthening layers are added to the core, which are called transverse rigid layers. The width specification of baseband is the same as that of common band, which conforms to GB/T7984-2001 standard. Requirements of

2) conveyor manufacturer for baseband: corrugated sideband conveyor baseband requires certain tensile strength and wear resistance. For corrugated conveyor belts with free edges, conveyor manufacturers need to be flexible in longitudinal and rigid in transverse direction in order to meet the requirement of angle change.

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