Conveyor related technical standards, industry reference.

- May 03, 2019 -

1. conveyor shall meet the requirements of this standard and be manufactured in accordance with the approved drawings and technical documents. All technical requirements not specified in this standard, drawings and technical documents shall be manufactured in accordance with the relevant general technical requirements of building materials machinery standards and heavy machinery standards.

2. No obvious distortion, warpage and deformation are allowed after welding.

3. The outer surface of product components should be smooth, and there should be no obvious unequal concave and convex defects affecting the appearance quality.

4. Metal cutting surfaces with unmarked geometric tolerances are manufactured according to class D tolerances in GB1184-80 "Regulations on Unmarked Tolerances for Shape and Position Tolerances". Shape steel must be corrected before welding. After correcting, it should conform to Q/JCJ05-82 "Technical Specification for Mechanical Welding of Steel Building Materials".

6. The materials used in the equipment shall meet the requirements of GB699-65 "High Quality Carbon Structural Steel No. and General Technical Conditions". 40Cr should conform to GB3077-82 "Technical Conditions for Alloy Structural Steel".

7. Castings shall meet the requirements of GB976-86 "Classification and Technical Conditions of Gray Iron Castings" and GB979-67 "Classification and Technical Conditions of Carbon Steel Castings".

p>8. Limit deviation of tolerance dimension of end note on pattern shall be carried out according to GB1804-79 "Limit deviation of tolerance and matching tolerance dimension without note", in which the machined dimension shall be ITI4 and the non-machined dimension of welded parts shall be manufactured according to ITI6.

p>9. The corresponding mating dimensions of vulnerable parts and spare parts should be interchangeable.

10. Forgings shall meet the requirements of JB/ZQ301083 General Technical Conditions for Forgings of Construction Machinery.

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