The practical application of chain conveyor is full of flowers.

- May 03, 2019 -

First of all, chain conveyor has two major areas of use, namely, industrial conveyor and food conveyor, so there are steel chain conveyor and stainless steel chain conveyor. These two series of medium chain conveyors are divided into drying type, cleaning type, natural conveyor type and aggravating conveyor type. They correspond to the drying of food, medicinal materials and metal parts, cleaning of vegetables and metal parts, assembling and packaging lines of various products.

secondly, the type of chain conveyor used in different conveying environments is different, and the function and price of different types of chain conveyor are also different, so the selection of chain conveyor type is an important link. Firstly, the material quality of chain conveyor is determined according to the characteristics of conveying material. Usually stainless steel is used for food conveying, high temperature conveying and corrosive environment conveying. Carbon steel or galvanized chain plate for natural environment conveying can be used.

and then according to the shape of the conveying material and the weight of the unit area to choose the type of chain plate, chain model, conventionally speaking, large volume, heavy weight with bending chain plate conveyor; small density of broken materials with hinge chain plate conveyor; light high-speed conveyor with flat top chain plate conveyor.

as a hinge chain conveyor used more in the field of quick-freezing, fruit and vegetable quick-freezing used chain conveyor specifications and models are more conventional, all 304 or 316 stainless steel structure; pitch 31.75 mm or 38.1 m; thickness 1 mm to 1.5 mm; width 300 mm-900 mm.

Different industries have different demands for conveyor equipment . As a chain conveyor with more consumption at present, it is not suitable for any environment. The industries applied include food processing, quick-frozen processing, equipment assembly, metal parts conveying, machine tool chip removal, and the types of chain conveyor used in these industries are also different.

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