Conveyor disassembly and assembly is very exquisite - quick to watch!

- May 03, 2019 -

After actual use, it is found that the scraper conveyor is too long and needs to be shortened appropriately, but before this, all floating coal in the scraper conveyor should be cleaned up to ensure smooth roadway transportation. Then the scraper conveyor can be separated in the right way. Generally, the chain is pinched off from the tail of the scraper conveyor, then the chain on the slider is broken off one by one with a steel braze to remove the excess chain slots, and then the chain is pulled out and removed one by one by one with the slider reversal, and finally the power supply of the slider is thrown off. The chain of scraper conveyor must also be emphasized, mainly in three forms: die forging chain, sleeve roller chain and plate chain. Among them, the die forging chain is mainly composed of chain rod and pin shaft. It has the characteristics of high strength, simple structure, less machining quantity and convenient assembly and disassembly. The sleeve roller chain used in scraper conveyor includes inner and outer chains, pins, rollers and bushes, among which the inner and outer chains are stamped. Because the specific pressure of the hinge is lower, the friction between the hinge and the bottom of the machine pool and the guide rail is rolling, so the resistance is small and the service life is longer.

The remaining plate chain is composed of two curved chain plates spot-welded chain rods and pins. Its advantages are large load-carrying capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, but the requirements of production are relatively high. The chain rod and pin axle of the scraper conveyor need to be made of 45 steel, and the scraper conveyor needs to be quenched and tempered so as to meet the requirements of the scraper conveyor. It should be noted that when carrying the chute of scraper conveyor, two people must carry one piece, and the chute must be transported to the designated place. The safe distance between the group and the group must be more than 10m. After the modification of scraper conveyor, it will be installed correctly and smoothly.

Normally, the head is installed first, followed by the transition slot, bottom chain, middle slot, tail, upper chain, etc., and then the scraper chain is pre-tightened. For large parts of scraper conveyor, usually a beam with four columns - pi; section steel as the lifting column; and the installation of its transmission devices should also be reasonable, not hard knocking and prying.

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