Analysis on Energy Input Operation of Belt Conveyor

- May 03, 2019 -

Belt conveyor is a kind of transportation equipment which takes belt as traction and loading mechanism and realizes material transportation and loading and unloading through continuous movement of belt. Compared with other means of transport, it has many advantages, such as large conveying capacity, high efficiency, long conveying distance, small working resistance, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It is easy to realize automation and centralized control. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, energy, food, chemical industry, building materials and other industrial sectors, especially in the coal industry. Belt conveyor has become the key equipment of coal mining. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the energy-saving and efficiency-increasing of belt conveyor for the efficient production of coal and the construction of a conservation-oriented society.

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< p> In the research of belt conveyor energy saving, Zhang Zhi theoretically analyzed the working process of belt conveyor according to the principle of function, established mathematical model, carried out mathematical processing, and put forward a method of measuring the mechanical efficiency of belt conveyor-deg. This method takes the ratio of useful power output to input power of belt conveyor as mechanical efficiency, while in the opposite direction. The energy efficiency of the belt conveyor is not accurate enough. Yan Fayao and others discussed the efficiency calculation in the power calculation of belt conveyor. By analyzing the efficiency calculation of belt conveyor and comparing the actual use with the foreign design calculation, they explained the reason why the calculated power might deviate from the reality, and pointed out the problem of low transmission efficiency in the current design. Wu Minglong and Fu Jiyue pointed out in their research on the structure and performance of idlers that the power consumption of domestic conveyors per ton kilometer is about twice that of foreign countries. This is mainly due to the different operating resistance coefficients. The quality of idlers is directly related to this coefficient. This method of evaluating the performance of conveyor by the power consumed per ton kilometer is more scientific. The energy efficiency of belt conveyor is an important issue of energy saving. This paper focuses on the relationship between energy efficiency and mechanical efficiency of belt conveyor, the calculation method of energy efficiency, and preliminarily analyses the energy efficiency level of belt conveyor in China and the gap between China and foreign countries according to the existing data.

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