Belt conveyor skidding, emergency plan to do a good job!

- May 03, 2019 -

The basic reason for the slippage of conveyor mesh belt is the insufficient friction between conveyor belt and drum. Specific reasons: First, the increase of operating resistance, such as the overload of conveyor, the squeezing of conveyor belt on the rack, the damage of supporting rod, the winding of debris, the burying of coal slurry and other reasons cause a large number of supporting silver not to turn; second, the reduction of friction coefficient, such as the contact surface of driving drum and conveyor belt intruding into water, coal slurry, driving drum surface casting rubber damage; third, the reduction of belt tension, such as conveyor belt deformation and so on. Elongate and tighten the device. Insufficient tightness or damage.

Prevention of belt slippage of conveyor: To prevent belt slippage, we should start from two aspects, one is to strengthen operation management and maintenance, find that belt slippage should be stopped in time, according to the above reasons for analysis and treatment; the other is to use slippage protection device. It is found that the conveyor belt is relaxed and tensioned immediately. In the process of tightening the belt, it is strictly forbidden to use hand-moving and crowbar to avoid tightening the car and wire rope in operation. It is strictly forbidden to use hands or any tools to clean up the bonds on idlers and drums during operation. The idler with inflexible rotation should be replaced.

When replacing conveyor belt or making conveyor belt joint, if it is necessary to start and pull conveyor belt, it is strictly forbidden for operators to stand above the rotating part. The deviation of conveyor belt should be adjusted in time. When handling deviation, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the belt during pedal running. When the conveyor shuts down, the coal on the conveyor belt should be emptied without special circumstances, so as to avoid heavy start-up and prohibit frequent start-up of heavy load. Coal mine combined with electric locomotive transportation is a main form of long-distance transportation in mine roadway. It is a kind of machinery + equipment that is hauled by electric locomotive to transport a train of mine cars on the track. It undertakes heavy transportation tasks such as coal, gangue, materials, equipment and personnel.

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