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- May 03, 2019 -

Belt Conveyor Old Drivers Share Operating Regulations:

1. Dress neatly and hold valid certificates.

2. The driver must clear the signal and start and stop the conveyor according to the prescribed signal instructions. Before starting, check whether all kinds of connection fasteners and safety facilities are complete and firm.

3. When the conveyor is running, it should always pay attention to the operation of the belt. It is found that the belt deviation, scraping and joint damage are serious. When the temperature and sound of idlers, drums and electrical and mechanical parts are abnormal, the machine should stop immediately and report to the professionals for treatment. After treatment, the machine can continue to start.

4, depending on the drying degree of coal, operate the spray switch and spray down the dust. When skidding or stuffing happens, we should find out the reasons and deal with them properly.

p>6. When dealing with chute blockage, the power cut-off system must be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal preparation plant, with special guardianship and prohibition of single-person operation. Hands, feet and other parts of the body are strictly forbidden to contact the conveyor belt directly when handling deviation.

8. Frequently clean up the equipment and environmental hygiene in class so as to achieve environmental cleanliness. It is forbidden to clear goods in and around the rotating parts or to help with the operation in the belt conveyor.

9. Hand over the operation of the equipment and matters needing attention to the successor clearly and make a good job record.

p>strong>belt conveyor There are dangerous factors and preventive measures in this type of work:

p>1, coal dust, noise, improper operation, etc. Hands, feet and other parts of the body should not contact the conveyor belt directly when handling deviation.

3. When the conveyor is running, it is forbidden to clear the goods in and around the rotating parts.

4. When the conveyor is repaired and handled, the power supply should be cut off, and the switch should be locked and the blackout operation card should be hung.

5. No reversing is allowed in handling the malfunction. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the belt conveyor and start it on the spot.

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