Practical Application Matters of Chain Plate Conveyor Machinery

- May 03, 2019 -

Application of Stainless Steel Chain Plate in Conveyor Machinery ? To introduce the main materials of stainless steel chain plate, I will introduce to you the application of stainless steel chain plate in conveying machinery, hoping to help you, in the future to apply to real life.

Stainless steel chain plate is widely used in glass industry, food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen food and other products.

Stainless steel chain plate according to material: carbon steel, 1Cr13 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel.

According to the shape: stainless steel chain plate, punched stainless steel chain plate

stainless steel chain plate using and installing troubleshooting method:

1: If the chain plate appears jitter phenomenon, should check the conveyor frame and the supporting rollers in the conveyor tunnel for rust resistance phenomenon, adjust one by one.

2: If the chain plate is deflected, adjusting the tensioning shaft at one end of the driven shaft should be adjusted slowly, and remember to adjust quickly, resulting in scratch at the edge of the mesh belt.

3: If the sprocket of chain drive type appears jumping chain and runs unsteadily, it is necessary to check whether the sprockets at both ends of the driving shaft are synchronized and whether the tooth ends are excessively worn. The advantages of

stainless steel chain plate are high load bearing, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The disadvantage of

stainless steel chain plate is that the cost is higher than that of other materials. Above is the application of stainless steel chain plate in conveying machinery . I hope you can use it reasonably in your future work and life.

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