How to prolong the service life of plate chain conveyor and how to maintain it?

- May 03, 2019 -

The maintenance of chain conveyor is very important. I hope you can attach importance to the maintenance of chain conveyor, because this is not only to bring better productivity, but also related to the service life of the chain conveyor itself! If it is not well maintained, it is easy to cause damage to its service life! Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you!

What aspects should be taken to protect the plate chain conveyor? Because compared with other mechanical parts, the precision of the rolling bearing of Great Wall mesh belt is higher, so we must be careful when using it. First, keep the Great Wall mesh belt and its surroundings clean, and then use it carefully. The most important thing is to pay attention to the anti-rust work of Great Wall mesh belt, such as avoiding the use in wet places, wearing gloves to operate, and preventing sweat from sticking to the plate chain conveyor. Users should be familiar with the operation specifications of Great Wall mesh belt.

Brief discussion on the service life method of plate chain conveyor , conveyor network chain should generally start under no-load conditions. When several belt conveyors are installed sequentially, the starting device that can be blocked should be adopted to start and stop in a certain order through the centralized control room. In addition to

, in order to prevent accidents, each conveyor should also set a button to start or stop in situ, which can stop any one of them independently. In order to prevent the conveyor belt from being torn longitudinally for some reason, when the length of the conveyor exceeds 30 m, a stop button should be installed along the full length of the conveyor at a certain distance (e.g. 25-mdash; 30m).

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