Chain conveyor maintenance skills, you need to understand a little!

- May 03, 2019 -

Maintenance of chain conveyor is very important in order to achieve the longest service life. Conveyor chain board production line equipment is clean and convenient, the line body can be directly washed with water on the surface of the equipment (but it should be noted that the power part and control part can not be washed with water, so as to avoid damage to internal components, electric shock and accidents. ) In order to maximize the service life of equipment, maintenance and maintenance is the key. Generally speaking, the motor of the power part needs to change the oil in time in order to ensure that the motor is in the best running state and reduce the internal loss in one year or so. Usually, after the equipment is used up, the power supply should be switched off in time and the surface of the equipment should be cleaned for a period of time. When equipment needs to be maintained, it should be maintained by professional equipment personnel, and not by non-relevant personnel, in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses and safety accidents.

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< p> For the related knowledge of chain plate products, we have already explained the basic knowledge of chain plate products in the above several articles, and believe that the vast number of users have a corresponding understanding of it, so we have also grasped the characteristics of smooth chain plate conveyor surface, small friction, can withstand greater load, long-distance conveyor, and its line form can generally be produced. Linear type and non-standard turning type, the requirements of non-standard chain plate production line are relatively high, so its manufacturing is relatively difficult.

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< p> So what products can be used in the production of chain boards? We know that the main structural materials of the conveyor of household electrical appliances such as air conditioning production line, refrigerator production line, washing machine production line and so on are usually carbon steel spray or galvanized. Clean rooms and food products such as tobacco, wine, beverage and other industries require relatively high material requirements, so we should adopt. It is made of stainless steel. Chain plate production line is widely used in the production of products: diesel engine, glass bottle, PET bottle, can, household appliances, food, beverage, bags, automobiles, motorcycles, engines and other industries of assembly and transportation.

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