The tension device of the plate chain conveyor is so advanced that it enhances knowledge.

- May 03, 2019 -

The dynamic characteristics of chain conveyor system are becoming more and more prominent, which can not be ignored. As an important part of chain conveyor, the tension device has more prominent influence on the dynamic characteristics of the system because of its important role and characteristics. The traditional analysis method is to analyze the force of plate-chain conveyor system according to static or uniform running state on the basis of statics, which leads to the neglect of the influence of the dynamic characteristics of the tensioning device on the whole system.

Through the thorough research on the viscoelastic characteristics of conveyor belt, the general expression of the equation of motion characteristics of conveyor belt is deduced, and the discrete model of the automatic plate chain conveyor system is established.

Actually, the disturbance force of the tensioning device acts on the conveyor belt with elastic properties. When the frequency of the disturbance force is equal to the natural frequency of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will produce resonance phenomenon, which makes the conveyor belt have a great dynamic tension. Therefore, in order to truly and effectively reflect the overall performance of the plate chain conveyor, it is necessary to study the dynamic characteristics of the tensioning device.

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