The screw conveyor can also be operated in this way. It's amazing!

- May 03, 2019 -

The screw conveyor is a conveyor commonly used in industrial production. Reasonable use of screw conveyor can greatly reduce our production costs. Its use includes pre-operation, in-operation and after-operation. The following are introduced one by one. The safety operation rules of

screw conveyor are as follows:

1. Operators must ensure adequate rest and energy before work, and wear good protective equipment.

2. During the operation of the screw conveyor, all personnel shall not cross the screw conveyor, open the cover plate, or allow the human body or other debris to enter the screw conveyor.

p>p>p>p>p>p>3. The hydraulic torque converter shall use the designated oil according to the regulations, maintain the appropriate oil surface, and add a protective cover.

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4. Non-duty personnel are not allowed to operate the conveyor and non-local staff are not allowed to enter the conveyor corridor.

5, screw conveyor forbid overload and strong conveying strictly.

6. Before operation

1. Check all parts of the machine according to the technical operation regulations and carry out no-load operation test to confirm that it meets the requirements of use. Check the communication equipment system to confirm that the contact signal is clear and accurate.

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< p> 2. After the inspection test meets the use conditions, the safety confirmation shall be made to the central control unit, and the safety confirmation time and the name of the confirmer shall be recorded and filed for reference.

7. In operation < / P >

1. Mechanical operation should be carried out strictly according to the signal instruction of central control.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to check the mechanical parts in operation.

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< p> 3. In manual operation on site, the machine should start from the tail discharging end in sequence from back to front and stop from the screw head charging end in sequence from front to back.

4. Control the conveying capacity of screw conveyor strictly according to the requirement of material output, and prevent material overflow, overflow or strong extrusion in the groove.

5. Do not open all kinds of protective cover and groove cover, and do not carry out maintenance, maintenance and disassembly of the machine.

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< p> 6. The material in the conveyor should be unloaded before stopping operation, so that the machine can be stopped only after it is idle.

8. After operation

1. To clean, maintain, lubricate and prevent rust of the machine comprehensively, when the machine needs to be sprayed with water, it is necessary to cover the electrical part tightly and to be waterproof and damp.

2. Dust removal and dehumidification of the conveying corridor and the control electronics of the machine should be carried out, and the cleaning should be restored and closed as required.

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