Belt conveyor overload phenomenon, the problem can be big or small!

- May 03, 2019 -

The overload problem of belt conveyor . Belt conveyor has been widely used in various industries. In order to improve the reliability of Dangerous Load diagnosis of belt conveyor, it is necessary to use multiple and multi-type sensors to collect information. Whether the redundancy and complementarity of information can be transformed into the reliability and robustness of the system, it is necessary to select appropriate algorithms for information fusion to increase credibility and reduce ambiguity. For the overload situation of belt conveyor, if the overload is not large, alarm should be given to arouse the vigilance of operation and maintenance personnel, but if the overload is large, the safety circuit of belt conveyor must be disconnected to avoid accidents. For other dangerous load modes, the same situation exists. On the premise that the belt conveyor satisfies the validity and reliability of the system, the cost of multi-sensor system should be reduced as far as possible, so as to facilitate the follow-up promotion. The motor drives the drum through the reducer, and the conveyor can be lifted and lowered in both positive and negative directions. The conveyor container of belt conveyor has opening and closing device, which can carry out loading and unloading operation, can also simulate Over-loading and non-unloading failure; the square pipe guiding device is bolted to the derrick, and can be artificially set up dislocation, protuberance and other defects to form loose rope and jam situation. Under various working conditions, the signals of tension and oil pressure are converted into electricity by the sensor of belt conveyor, and then converted, amplified, filtered and collected by the acquisition system. Then the digital signals are transmitted to the computer to record, display and analyze the dynamic transmission load.

Belt conveyor In order to carry out information fusion and signal processing research in the next chapter, it is necessary to collect load signals under various working conditions through a variety of sensors. However, this part of experimental research in coal mine production site will greatly affect the safety and production progress of belt conveyor conveyor, so it is necessary to build a test device which can not only realize the loading, operation and unloading process, but also simulate the overloading, ununloading, loose rope, jam and other faults, and can be through multi-sensor and signal acquisition system. Loads under the same working conditions are recorded.

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