Ginseng Dryer Solves the Problem of Mass Processing Line

- May 03, 2019 -

The ginseng dryer control system, high-efficiency and energy-saving ginseng dryer drying process, how to use PLC programmable control method for drying, not only has drying function, but also refrigeration function and heating function, to achieve low-temperature processing and greenhouse heating and other functions, drying process does not require special person to watch, material drying will automatically stop, a key setting, to achieve intelligent management. Energy-saving, environmental protection, stable performance, easy to operate to meet different types of materials drying.

ginseng dryer is composed of heat pump dryer heating dehumidification unit, insulation box parts, hot air circulation parts, intelligent control parts, etc. The heat pump dryer generates heat, and the ginseng is placed in the drying room in layers. There is sufficient space between the layers and before the layers. Don't put it too close to exhaust moisture by ventilation. Hot air circulation component is to make the temperature and air flow uniform in the whole drying room, and intelligent control system is to make the whole drying process to achieve constant temperature and humidity conditions, so that the drying quality of ginseng is very assured.

Air energy ginseng dryer compresses air through intelligent temperature and humidity control system to do work. Thermal energy first heats air and blows air into the drying room with a blower. If the heating source is distributed in the room, air is directly blown into the middle of the drying rack through a shunt pipe, while heating ginseng, water molecules are taken away. If the heating source is in a centralized house, it is diverted to the drying units through pipes. Strictly speaking, the above heating method has many characteristics of convective heating. Another method is to heat the air first by heating the source, and send the heat energy to the bottom of the ginseng tray by air-induction or blower machine. Most of the trays are made of metal, and other materials such as ceramics are also used. The tray was full of ginseng. The tray heat energy is transmitted to ginseng, which is very similar to the ancient roasting ginseng in fire kang. In order to make the temperature of the tray uniform, the tray is made into a rotating type in many areas. In order to save heat energy, closed hot air transmission is usually used, but there is no need to burn coal and firewood, no need for manual duty, no pollution dust, more modern industrial processing technology features, and dried ginseng products are better. When

ginseng is dried, the oven temperature should not be too high. Generally, the oven temperature should be set at 45-50 C, the lowest temperature should be 30 C, and the relative humidity should be about 60%. Drying temperature from low to high, then from high to low repeatedly, until the phase and drying degree meet the requirements.

ginseng dryer/ ginseng heat pump drying room adopts advanced heat pump technology, uses a small amount of electric energy to transport outdoor heat to the drying room, and finally completes the drying process of materials through cyclic heating and heat recovery technology. On the basis of heat pump drying, microwave greatly reduces the drying time of materials, especially in the cold winter can also ensure the efficiency of equipment.

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