Simulation and Analysis of Track Pressure under Conveyor Operation

- May 03, 2019 -

The stress state of the key components of conveyor can be obtained by dynamic simulation analysis. In the combination of two groups of swing rods and one workpiece, the front and rear swing rods mainly bear the gravity of the workpiece, and the resultant force is equal to the gravity of the workpiece; while the load of the front and rear swing rods varies with the position and shape of the workpiece, and the load of the single swing rod varies with the gravity of the workpiece. 10%-90% change.

The maximum pressure on the track and its location can also be found according to the dynamic simulation results. Therefore, according to the results of dynamic simulation analysis, the load boundary conditions for structural static analysis of other main components of swing bar conveyor (swing bar, track, etc.) such as stiffness, strength, fatigue and life can be obtained.

Because half of the symmetrical model was used for analysis before, when the final statistical data were obtained, the overall analysis results of the swing rod conveyor were obtained by multiplying the analysis results of one side by two times. The results of the whole uphill condition are always greater than those of the full load condition, which is consistent with the previous analysis results and conforms to the actual situation.

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