Mushroom dryer promotes diversified development of edible mushroom production and processing

- May 03, 2019 -

The selection of air-energy heat pump not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the quality of dried mushrooms. The dried mushrooms of air-energy heat pump dryer are uniform, and mushrooms can be sold at a good price. As a processing equipment for dried mushroom products, the mushroom dryer can effectively prolong the disadvantage that mushrooms are not easy to be stored for a long time. At the same time, while drying mushrooms, it can also keep the nutrient cost of mushrooms as far as possible. For large mushroom growers, no amount of output is afraid of being destroyed without sale.

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Henan Provides relevant programs for mushroom growers, mushroom farmers and merchants can safely expand the scale of deep processing. Diversified production and cultivation, open up a diversified wealth path.

China has always been a variety of edible fungi and soups. There are various kinds of colorful fungi in all provinces of China, some of which are edible and some of which are medicinal, and they are different. With the improvement of living standards and living needs, the cultivation of edible fungi is also increasing. The mushroom dryer can help the large bacteriostatic households to continuously increase their production and increase the space for appreciation.

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