The price of fig dryer is relatively stable due to mature technology

- May 03, 2019 -

Because fresh figs are not easy to transport and can not be stored for several days, the current method of drying figs is mainly to store them in natural air. And natural drying depends entirely on the day to eat, so how to choose a fig dryer processing equipment to process figs, can more effectively process and dry figs? What are the advantages of

Fig dryer compared with traditional processing methods and other existing processing methods?

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< p> Fig dryer is a heat source of air-energy heat pump dryer equipment, which uses the heat in the atmosphere to dry materials, does not produce pollution in the drying process, and conforms to the standards stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations of the atmospheric environment and the existing environmental protection and ecology.

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< p> Secondly, figs are processed by traditional air-drying method, which requires a wide range of air-drying field to meet the processing needs of fig drying. Fig dryer can make full use of the hierarchical space to stack figs with space, which can effectively reduce the demand of figs for the site.

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< p> Then figs are inevitably exposed to mosquitoes in the traditional air-drying process. Long-time air-drying will inevitably lead to the emergence of pollutants. Air-energy heat pump drying room can avoid environmental pollution and effectively reduce the disturbance of mosquitoes and other insects.

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< p> Furthermore, if figs are dried by traditional drying method, a large number of artificial flipping and repetitive flipping of figs are needed for the effect of drying. Using fig dryer and reasonable duct design, the hot air can be delivered to all aspects of fig without manual exposure, which can achieve better drying effect.

finally, fig dryer uses atmospheric heat, and has low energy consumption, good heating effect, which can effectively reduce investment costs.

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