Environmental Protection and Energy Saving is the Key to Choosing Processing Equipment for Okra Dryer

- May 03, 2019 -

Heat pump < U > okra < / u > < U > dryer < / u > is actually a new type of energy-saving dryer with high efficiency. Its working principle is based on the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, using a small amount of electric energy, using compressor, the working substance evaporates into gaseous state in the evaporator after passing through expansion valve, and absorbs a large amount of heat energy in the air. The gaseous working substance is compressed into high temperature and high pressure by the compressor. The gas is then heated into the condenser, and the drying medium is heated, so that the drying medium can be heated to 40 ~85 C by continuous circulation. Compared with the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

< b > okra < / b > < b > dryer < / b > should pay special attention to environmental protection when choosing, not only for the atmospheric environment, but more importantly for the okra material itself, okra as an important edible, medicinal and other medicinal materials. Pollution should be avoided during processing. To a large extent, the pollution of drying equipment to the air environment will do harm to okra itself and reduce the risk of medicinal value. The extensive processing mode of

is a kind of damage to okra. When choosing drying equipment, we must choose environmental protection type. < U > < air energy heat pump dryer < / u > caters to the processing demand of okra, not only has no negative impact on the atmospheric environment, but also has no harm to okra. In recent years, many ministries and commissions of the country have paid more and more attention to the application of air-energy heat pump, and made great efforts to promote the development of air-energy heat pump dryer.

Using Henan Okra to bake dryer has obvious advantages, easy installation, indoor and outdoor installation; high efficiency, energy saving, 1 degree electricity equivalent 4 degrees; environmental protection, no pollutant discharge; stable performance of the machine; the most important thing is that its parameters are set intelligently, using PLC programming intelligent control, drying process does not need special supervision, 24. Hours of continuous drying operation, material drying or drying temperature after the unit will automatically stop, in order to achieve energy-saving effect, automation, easy to master.

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